Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on Life

How is it that everytime I blog I tell myself that from that point forward there is no way that I will let even the shortest time pass without updating my blog, and then the next time I blog is weeks later. I hate Jessica and Mitch's stupid little counter--mocking me for how ridiculously long it's been since I last blogged. Ugh. Remove it. Let me be satisfied with my lazy blogging habits.

Regardless, let me tell you all the latest in our lives:

1. Freddy is (finally) done with his training in Idaho Falls. He is now back in Rexburg (with me) and enjoying every second of it (or at least, I am).

2. We're in the process of (hopefully) buying a house (but not getting our hopes up). I will give updates on that as they become available.

3. We finally heard back from work and we got all the days off for the holidays that we requested. That means that we will be visiting Jessica and Mitch for Thanksgiving, including both the day before and the day after. And we will be in California for Christmas, from the 19th-28th to be more precise. How wonderful.

4. Yes, for those of you that heard, it has already snowed in Idaho. Once. And compared to last year, we are very thankfully enjoying these last few weeks/days before the dreaded snow comes.

5. We found a car wash that we love dearly. More appropriately, we found a place that will do our oil change and give us a free car wash, which we love dearly. Instead of giving you the cheap wash that has soap and water, and nothing else, they give their oil change customers the top of the line car wash. Wonderful. And my favorite part is the triple soap layer, in which soap is sprayed all over your car in pink, yellow, and blue. It's so... ice cream sherbety.

6. Everyone should buy those pine cones that smell like cinnamon. I vow to never go through the holiday season without them.

7. Renee is due in less than 10 days. Incredible. Mom said that if we move down to Idaho Falls then I could babysit. I said that if we move down to Idaho Falls then I could play until he started crying and then go home to my very own quiet house. (That update isn't directly about us, but I figured everyone should really know about it.)

8. Also, Chami is due in less than 11 days. But she usually has her babies early, so my bet is that Chami's baby beats Renee's baby through the birth canal. That's where my money is. (Once again, not directly regarding us, yet important.)

9. Does anyone else send out Christmas cards? Part of me feels that it's my duty as a wife to make sure that the Christmas cards get sent out. But why in the world would we send them if no one else is really doing it. Is anyone else really doing it?

10. For some reason I feel inclined that I must reach 10 updates. But quite honestly I can't think of a single thing to update about. This will be my closing update instead, at which point I will tell myself that from that point forward there is no way that I will let even the shortest time pass without updating my blog. Go me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meeting Gov. Mitt Romney

Who would have thought that I would go into work today and find an email in my inbox inviting me to meet Mitt Romney? As it turns out, our CEO, Frank Vandersloot, is quite good friends with Gov. Romney- he was staying at his house for a few days. Today they were having a small get together to support Jim Risch in his running for Senate (and I really like him, by the way). So we drove down to Idaho Falls and spent some time with Mitt Romney and some other local politicians! I even shook his hand and asked, "So 2012, huh?" And what did he say?
"Yeah, we'll see about it!"
He's so amazing. So presidential. When November 4th rolls around I'll be taking a Sharpie into the voting booth with me. My ballot will have no hanging chads, but rather big black letters that will say, "ACTUALLY, I CHOOSE MITT ROMNEY."

And then- the other day Freddy was walking through our Home Office in Idaho Falls, passing the colleagues and saw someone that looked eerily familiar (double take). The guy was on his phone, but Freddy waited for him to finish his call. "Hi, I was just wondering... do you have a brother named Spencer Weston (his mission president)?

"Yes, I do!" How weird. So Freddy saw his old mission president's older brother who now works for Melaleuca. Crazy. So now we're going to go down to Salt Lake for Freddy's mission reunion. He's so excited.

Ok, and Jessica was exactly right. We totally went to Calgary for our one year anniversary. And we suck for not blogging for an entire month, I know. But we've just been so ridiculously busy. And really I should be writing an essay for Spanish, but obviously, I'm so not. So let me go ahead and post a few pictures and then I'll explain a little--- maybe a little more later.

This was at the Cardston, AB temple. This was after driving alllll night long. We left Rexburg at 10:00pm on Friday night and drove all night (with a nap around 4:30am, when we were both too tired to just switch off). So we stopped at the temple and originally wanted to stay for a session, but there simply wasn't time. We took some nice pictures and enjoyed seeing all the couples getting married. It's like the smallest city you've ever seen. Up until about a mile away, you'd never guess there was a whole city there in the middle of nowhere.

And here we are on the very top of the Calgary Tower. So after what seems like 500 stories you just get off the elevator and walk around for a 360 degree view of Calgary. And then there's this ledge with a glass floor. It's only about 4 feet off the edge and I'm sure the glass is like 3 feet thick, but there's something incredibly scary about being that high up. Somehow I think that even though millions of people have walked all over it, somehow it's going to shatter once I step on it. Down to the ground I'll fall, no doubt. Really. It's surprisingly intense. You really wouldn't think so-- until you're THERE.

This was Sunday morning at the Zoo/Botanical Gardens/Prehistoric Park in Calgary. It was pretty cool. I was pretty impressed with their wolf exhibit. There was this one white wolf that was just eying this little three year old girl just outside the fence. I thought for sure she was a dead girl. I mean, this wolf was in this stern, attack mode. It was hilarious. And their Africa exhibit is pretty sweet. You're like RIGHT there with the giraffes. Cool. I love zoos.
Alright. It's just about time for us to go to bed and I haven't even read what I'm supposed to write about. Gosh, I just don't want to do it. I promise from now on to keep our blog updated. Pinky promise, sealed with a thumb (which somehow makes my vow that much more meaningful).