Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up-- BIG TIME

Okay. It's seriously time to catch up on blogging. Everytime I'm like, Oh, I should blog. And then I'm like, Mehhhh but if I do, I'll have to do like the post of the century to catch up on everything since like 2002. And then guess what? I don't blog at all. So you know what? Now I'm going to. I'm thinking instead of doing a FULL, DETAILED post about every single thing, I'm just going to give the highlights and catch everyone up.
Let's see--- end of May--- We went to Arizona with most of my family to hike the Grand Canyon. Well, Freddy hiked and I was a driver (my doctor didn't think that hiking almost 25 miles was such a good idea in my condition..). Regardless, it was pretty fun to go and see the canyon. Freddy was basically amazing at hiking and did a great job. (I had a huge long post ONLY for the Canyon trip and it got deleted accidentally so I'm kind of over posting about this...)
Beginning of June-- my 21st birthday was on the 6th! Yay!! I LOVE birthdays (mainly mine) and was counting down forEVER. Freddy planned a nice little family party to celebrate! Fun! Unfortunately I still was getting over a cold (lame birthday gift from Mother Nature of something) so I made the wish and Freddy blew out the candles for me-- didn't want everyone else to catch my cold. But I had the prettiest cake and my mom even brought me some pink tulips! I love tulips!!
For my birthday Freddy took me to Medieval Times!! I love Medieval Times!!! It was suuuper fun and the food was delicious (so much of it too)! We were cheering for the green knight-- who actually turned out to be like the bad guy that no one liked. He almost won-- but like, obviously the bad guy can't win... Oh well.. Overall, great birthday!
Mid-June--- we went to watch everyone in the World Famous Mud Race at Camp Pendleton! Freddy was supposed to run too, but he hurt his knee playing soccer and it was still too sore to run (it's still too sore). They were all pretty dirty by the time they finished the race.
Recently--- (can't really remember when-- maybe two weeks ago?) We finally got around to painting Riley's dog house. We chose a beautiful shade of red and were thrilled to start. Freddy set the can of paint on the edge of the trash can while he finished setting up. And when he got back? Hm..a big red paint blob on the patio! Needless to say, we painted very quickly-- using the ground instead of the paint tray we had gotten. Afterward we hosed and sprayed the spot in hopes that it wouldn't stain. And now there's a nice, faded, pink stain on the patio to remind us of the day we painted Riley's dog house! (We're still not done.. we need to paint the trim white and we want to put shingles on the roof to make it look super cute-- but we can't find a roofing company that will share some scraps!)
And that PRETTY MUCH brings us up to date! We still have one more announcement that I think deserves it's own post-- but who knows when I'll realistically get to that. My goal is within the week!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You've GOT to be KIDDING Me!!

Ohhh brother!! I just spent the last hour and a half uploading pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon. I was SO excited!! It was going to have MORE PICTURES than ANY post I've EVER done!! (Pictures are always the best, so I wanted to have a ton..) Then, at the very end, I was just adjusting the spacing between all of the like, oh, 15-20 pictures and one silly slip of my finger... and before I knew it the WHOLE POST was BLANK! Of course, I ctrl+z'd that SO fast, but in the second that it took me to realize my mistake, my draft was so graciously autosaved. BLASTED AUTOSAVE!!! So now, it's way late and everyone is just going to have to wait a little longer for this amazing post, because now I'm totally going to bed. *Rolls eyes like a thousand times.*