Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soccer and Camping

On Tuesday nights we go to institute and then Freddy goes to play soccer at the church... and I go to cheer for him (and the other guys too). So this time I took pictures and wanted to post a few of them. The main problem is that soccer is fast and no one wanted to pretend they were playing, but really posing, or play in slow motion for me. Hm. So, sometimes the pictures are cool-blurry, and other times they're just lame-blurry. You decide. (Oh- and Freddy was wearing a black and blue jersey with white shorts-- just so it's easier to spot him!)

In this one, you can barely see it-- but Freddy's heading the ball in the corner of the cultural hall! Sweet!

There's a blurry Freddy kicking his leg back to get the ball... Pretty impressive, I'd say...
And then, for date night last night, we went camping. In our backyard.

Sooo fun! So yeah, I think I maybe hogged all of the blankets and the sleeping bags because Freddy was freezing all night long and I can't remember being the slightest bit cold. Poor guy. And Riley slept with us! Yay! He's fun.. mostly. Not so much when your really trying to go to bed and he just wants to play... but yeah, once he's asleep, then he's really fun to sleep next to!

I left early in the morning because it was my dad's birthday, so Sarah and I took him to Bob's Big Boy for breakfast. Because of that, the tent didn't get put away until mid-afternoon. When we got to it-- this is how it looked.

It was pretty hard to put everything away since Riley had grown acustomed to having three blankets and two sleeping bags to sleep on. He wasn't very excited to see those go... Bummer. Don't worry, Riley! We'll camp again soon!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Pictures and a Day at the Vet!!

We took some casual family pictures the other day and I thought I would share a few with you. Now, keep in mind that Riley is about 3 1/2 months old. So, yes, he's not very good at smiling for the camera-- but he's a lot better than a 3 1/2 month old child would ever be. In that case, go Riley.

So this was probably the best one of all three of us. It's just not convenient to try and take a picture of yourselves-- reaching out as far away as possible. Yeah, you know you've tried it too. But hiring someone to follow us around so that we can get a good picture just isn't logical. But! I did just buy the coolest tripod at the DOLLAR STORE! Soooo excited. Balancing the camera on anything (a ledge, a wall, a fire hydrant, etc.) and then running to be in the picture was one of Freddy's talents. Really, he's amazing at it. But now-- we've got our handy 5 inch tripod to assist us. Ok-- on to the next one!
Awww look at my handsome boys together... How cuuuute...
The picture before this was wayyy better... or totally would have been. But I forgot to zoom out before I took it, so it was a great shot of like our eyes and noses. Gosh dang. I hate when that happens...
Ohhh, look at Riley... what a cute little puppy!!!
And there he is, worn out after his photo shoot... What a trooper...
And then on Saturday we went to the vet. Riley loves the vet's office. And loves our vet, Dr. Dice, even more. He gets sooooo excited to be there. And it was a nice little check up. She did like a physical on him and it was so nice for us to hear all of the great things about our canine's development. So he gets to go get his rabies shot in like a week or two and he can go out in public then!! Hooray!! We've been waiting and waiting to be able to take him out... but before we had to worry about him getting parvo. He's only days away from being totally protected!!

Let's see... Freddy's team won their indoor game last week! Yay! Within the first, ummm, three minutes they were down 3-0 (Not a good start). But then they came back to win 5-3-- the other team was suuuper lame and kept wanting to fight. If I was the ref, I would give them all yellow cards (which is the indoor soccer equivalent of a red card in real soccer) for all their foul, foul language. But regardless, go our team. They play Wednesday nights and up until now the games have started at 9:00 or even 9:30! Not cool, since so many people are married and some even have little kids and we want to go to bed earlier... but I think they'll switch our team to start at like 7ish from now on... hopefully anyway...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

I'm so productive today. Freddy is at a conference in Long Beach today that was supposed to be over at 12pm, but actually goes until like 2pm, so I've had so much time to get things done. Yay!
I've been keeping track of things that I wanted to blog about and so now I'll unload all of my ideas.

1. First- I just wanted to add a visual image of the shirt that I got for Christmas, so this is it.

2. Second on the list, is something that I really thought was awesome. It's a chocolate bar that Stephanie gave to me (and it was suuuper good). But the packaging is my favorite. You might not be able to tell (my camera wouldn't focus like I wanted it to) but this is a Marital Bliss Bar. 5o% Hers, in pink, and 50% His, in black. Love it!

3. And finally, something that I thought of while browsing the weekly grocery store ads this past week. I've always found it funny that the advertisements come out the day before the sales for that week begin. It reminds me of that tv show, Early Edition. If you're not familiar with that one, this guy always gets tomorrow's newpaper today. Basically he has the opportunity to go around stopping bad things from happening and becoming tomorrow's news. As he saves people, the stories disappear from the paper. Well, sometimes when I get these advertisements that don't start until tomorrow, I feel like the guy in Early Edition. I feel like I know the future and other people don't. I feel like I should be standing by the frozen peas to prevent everyone from paying $2.99 when tomorrow they'll only be 99 cents each or something. Or maybe doing half my shopping today and the other half tomorrow, that way I can take advantage of ALL the sales! How wonderful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No News is Good News, Right?

Everyone keeps telling me to blog and I really do want to. But here's the problem: I have absolutely nothing to blog about. So I'll try to think of something, anything...
Yesterday was el Dia de los Reyes, the Day of the Kings, and to celebrate we got to eat Rosca de Reyes. Basically it's like this big, oval pastry thing that everyone takes a piece of and eats it. It's really good, so you might want two pieces. But be very careful-- there are THREE little plastic babies hidden in the pastry somewhere and if you get one you have to make dinner for everyone! And, I thought they'd be pretty noticable, but then Freddy's step dad showed me the one he found and it was TINY. Maybe, 1 inch by 1/4 inch... After seeing one I was like OH! Maybe I already ate one withou realizing it...? But luckily I didn't get one (or I don't THINK I did)-- but Freddy did... Wonder what he'll make?
What else... what else? Riley is getting bigger. And now he stays outside all day, every day. (Kinda makes me sad to leave him out there... but what can I really do-- it's not my house, so it's not my choice.) He got his first shots about a week ago... he was probably MUCH better than I ever was at getting shots. And he gets more in two more weeks. He's learning tricks too. Like sitting. That's about all we've gotten to. Today I tried "Stay" but we'll work on that more..
I got my new planner for 2009. Love it! It's pretty colorful and fun, completely different from my 2008 planner; I like it 100% more. I anticipate that I will be 100% more organized because of it.
Tonight Freddy is playing soccer-- the first game of their new indoor team. I'm super excited-- I like being there to watch him play.
Today I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. My mom and I went to go and do their grocery shopping, etc for them. When we got there we stayed to talk for a bit and Grandpa went over his to do list for the day. One of the things was that he needed to do was to write his pen pals. (Pen pals?) My mom clarified, Southern California Edison, California Gas Company, etc. Oh yeah, pen pals... Funny. My grandpa's funny.
That's pretty much all I can think of... for now anyway... I'll update as soon as something interesting happens.
OH! Except this! For Christmas Eve we went to Freddy's stepdad's parents' house. They have a tradition that they have gifts for all of their family. I was so surprised that they had one for me too-- just since I haven't really been part of the family for that long, and I don't really know them that well. Sweet, a present. So then I open it. AWESOME... it's a T-shirt that says (in Spanish)-- "I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA. I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END. I AM JESUS CHRIST." Um... thank you?? Sooo... where do I wear that to??? Not sure yet.. I'm still going to write them a thank you card... in Spanish. It's the thought that counts, right??