Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Three of Us

Hello again! It's been a long time since we last posted pictures of little Nathan (not out of choice-- still no internet at our place so my time online is VERY limited).

But I wanted to post a few pictures of our cute, little boy... and he is cute...

Here's his first real bath! We had to wait for his umbilical cord to fall off until we could use his little bathtub. He wasn't such a fan of bathing at first-- but we're better at it now. It's always really cold at our house so there's never a great time to be getting out of the warm water into the cold, cold air. But now bath time is lots of fun for him-- and what's even better is that he sleeps SO WELL after a bath.
Nathan likes to play two different games-- both related to changing his diaper. The first is called "How a Little Boy Surprises His Parents." As you can imagine, that's played simply by either Freddy or myself going to change his diaper-- you turn for one second to grab a wipe and when you look back everything is getting wet! That's a fun one.. The second game is called "Blue Line." I call it this because on his diapers is a yellow stripe down the front. Conveniently, when the diaper is wet the stripe turns blue. SO! You change his diaper and he's got a nice, clean diaper on... then you head to go _______ (fill in the blank-- sit down on the couch, feed him, blink, etc.) and what do you know?! It's blue! Like magic! :) Yeah, our family LOVES games so Nathan fits RIGHT in.
Our CHRISTMAS TREE!! Yay!! We have a tradition (ahem- that we decided to start this year) that we decorate for Christmas and get our tree on the first Saturday in December... So here it is while we were waiting for the branches to settle.. And Freddy putting the lights on... (We moved it because it was blocking the tv... Now it's blocking the couch... Sigh, oh the joys of living in a shoe box.)And here's Nathan helping by laying quietly. Thanks, Nathan! This is us at the Creekside Ward Christmas Party-- Santa came and Nathan got to sit on his lap! But really, all he wanted was to eat and Santa couldn't exactly help him with that, so needless to say, he was a little bit fussy.
Santa, Nathan, and his grandmas, all having fun together. :) Nathan and me. :) He was asleep for the ENTIRE party... finally he woke up just before Santa was about to leave. But of course he was staaarving so we headed for the mothers' room. Unfortunately by the time he was done eating there were only two cars left in the once full parking lot (and one was ours). Bummer..
And here's our happy little family! Nathan has been such a blessing in our lives and we have SO much fun with him. I'm amazed by him every time I look at him... What a little sweetheart. :)

(Isn't that the cutest little face? I love that one...)

I'll try to keep up with the holidays-- but I hope you enjoyed the update!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nathan Andrew Sarmiento

He's finally here!! (And thank goodness because, as it turns out, labor is not fun at all!)

Nathan Andrew Sarmiento
Born November 11th, 2009 at 12:14pm
7 lbs., 9 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long
and soooo cute!!!
I'll make sure to add more details later, but as you can imagine-- we're pretty tired.. But here's a few pictures to look at in the mean time!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Ready...

So I just wanted to post really quickly since who knows when the next time I'll have a chance will be. My due date is two weeks from today so it's only a matter of time until we have a new addition to the family. :)

First-- let me appologize that the pictures are so small. The upside of taking pictures on my phone is that I sometimes take pictures more often and I'm more likely to post them because I don't have to upload everything from my actual camera. The downside is that they're super small. I'll look into it and see if I can change the settings or something.

Okay- here we have my yellow roses that bloomed!! Yay!! Unfortunately I didn't even notice them until they'd already bloomed and started kinda wilting, so they're not as pretty as I'm sure they once were. BUT!! I noticed that the red rose bush has probably 4-5 that are budding and should be blooming soon enough.
Next! Freddy is the best ever. :)
He's been so good at helping me in whatever way possible throughout the pregnancy. For example, I totally can't reach my toes at all-- for obvious reasons. Anyway, he's been painting my toe nails for me! How niiiice. It's really cute because he tries really hard to make sure they turn out pretty well. He's done them twice now and I'm so proud of him!!
And yesterday was like the best day of Freddy's life-- :) We were at IKEA in Carson getting a dresser for the baby's clothes and as we were leaving-- passing the Carson mall-- we hear Power 106 broadcasting outside. And to Freddy's surprise, they had the Laker Girls there too! It was the highlight of the day for him-- and he's contemplating framing the 8-1/2 x 11 squad picture with all of the autographs. :)

So we've been getting ready for the baby to come! We live in a pretty small place (understatement) and so there's not exactly a seperate room just for the baby's things. SO! We've been making do. On Friday night we went to Babies R Us to pick up the travel system and the portable crib (we don't have space for a regular crib and decided that a portable one is the solution-- now we have it for visiting grandparents, sisters, etc.) that we wanted. Welllll. We. Got. Jacked. >:[ I was sooooo mad.. This is what happened. We were at Babies R Us looking at a certain model of travel system (the ones that have the stroller and the car seat that snaps into the stroller). We've pulled the display out and are trying it out, seeing if we like it, pushing it around a little bit, etc. We decide that we like it. Yay! Then this employee comes directly at us and is like, "Do you need help with anything?" JUST as I'm like, "Ye--" this other woman is standing over by where the display goes is like, "I DO!" So I'm like oh, okay-- we'll let her go first or whatever (even though we'd been there for like ten minutes and she JUST walked up like 20 seconds ago). So then she's like "I need that one (pointing at the box above the display to the travel system that we're looking at and waiting to get... the LAST ONE)." My jaw just dropped as he pulls it down for her and sets it in her cart. (And I could swear that at this point she looks directly at us and gives us this ugly, smug look, but I'm probably just making that up because I was so mad). So she walks away just as fast as she came and I'm like, "Was... that... the... last one?" And the employee is like, "Uhh.. yeah." I was like, "Nooooooooo!" (Tiny bit of background-- we chose a travel system and registered for it and it was discontinued the next week. Unavailable. Ugh. So we chose ANOTHER one to replace it and that one ALSO was discontinued just like two weeks ago. Great.) So you can imagine, for me, who NEEDS a car seat in order to be ALLOWED to leave the hospital with my newborn baby, I was somewhat annoyed that yet another one was going to be taken and we were STILL without a carseat, etc. So as we were leaving the store completely empty handed, I just stared at the woman in line that was buying MY stroller. I was not happy. But! It all worked out okay-- we went the next morning to the Babies R Us in Westminster and they had it waiting on hold for us. :) And I also found the cutest diaper bag ever. (And HER stroller was probably defective anyway.) SO! We have the box for the stroller/carseat combo along with the portable crib at home waiting for us to come home and assemble them. (SIDE NOTE: Freddy is always SO much calmer than I ever am. He was like-- "[Shrug.] That's okay." I was fuming mad and he was like, "What's the big deal? It's okay..." Lol.) I'll make sure to post pictures of all the fun things we got. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

It's been a while, I know. But things have been pretty hectic around here and I've been doing my best to keep my head above water. So, this is pretty much the longest post, but it really catches me up on blogging!

First of all, WE MOVED!! Yay!!! We're now renting a one bedroom, one bathroom home out in Paramount (near Long Beach). Some may ask why we'd move out there-- the answer: Freddy will be starting a Physical Therapy Assistant program at Cerritos College in January. This house is a mere five minutes, if that, from campus. Wonderful. Also, this little place has a nice, big backyard-- perfect for Riley. Some of the apartments we were looking at that were "pet friendly" offered little balconies for your pets under 25 lbs. We thought maybe Riley would be close. Not at all- he's 38 lbs and still looks skinny for his breed. SO! This ended up as the perfect little place to call home. Now. I'm not going to lie, it was pretttty ugly when we found it. In fact, the leasing agent almost wouldn't let us see it because he was confident that it would be a waste of his time to show it to us, since we definitely wouldn't want it. Little did he know, we're pretty low maintenance. :) Anyway-- we've now moved in and spent all weekend unpacking, painting, hanging curtains, etc.

This is Freddy painting the dining room wall Fresh Guacamole. Oooohh... It really looks nice. I'll have to post a picture of the completed project. Also, you can sort of see (I'm standing in the kitchen while taking this picture) how (small) the kitchen is! Our refrigerator on the right-- the opposite counter just about 2 feet away. My mom mentioned that it'll be so much easier to fit once I'm not pregnant. :) We also painted a wall in the living room-- it was called something Fawn. To me it looks almost like chocolate ice cream. :) But really-- everytime we pass it we're like, Oooo I like that color...

And here we have the newly installed toilet seat and toilet seat cover. Oooooo.... That was my job to install... until I got tired of being on the floor so F took over. Go team!

This was taken the day we moved in to the house. :) We really have our work cut out for us in the backyard. BUT! Even in the ugliest backyard in Paramount there's something to smile about! Practically the only living thing in our yard-- it was the prettiest rose I've ever seen! It was so sweet to see that-- almost like a welcome home present. :) Also-- I found THREE yellow roses that are about to bloom!! And Mom says we have wonderful ferns and also a wandering Jew plant too!! (Both plants that Freddy thought were weeds that were going to be going ASAP. Now we're reconsidering..)

Besides that-- we went to our new ward this week. It starts at 8 am. Grrrreat. Although, F pointed out that mayyybe we'll be switching times come January and we'll only have to do the 8 am for a couple months. But! Our new ward is suuuuper friendly and welcoming. We already love it!! Yay for feeling welcome!

In other news, we enjoyed General Conference at my grandparents' home. We also saw a BEAR while we were there!!! It was just hanging out in their backyard. I was getting some things from our trunk and looked over and what do you know, there's a bear in the backyard. Come to find out later that he was eating their persimmons. Regardless, it was pretty exciting. I guess with the recent fires they've had quite a bit of wild life coming down the mountain. (Mom and I both think that this is the exact same bear that we caught in the exact same place a couple weeks ago.)
Next, here's a picture of me at... 35 weeks (last week). Everything is going well with the pregnancy! My feet are about as swollen as they could be and feel like they could explode at any moment. Sister Rowley kindly mentioned that she thinks since I'm retaining so much water now, I'll be losing weight SO fast once the baby comes! Everyone loves hearing nice comments like that (especially when your feet are as swollen as mine are)! Tonight we have our second Childbirth Prep class-- those are fun! We're learning so much and becoming so prepared! And seeing as our hospital is in Glendora and we now live in Paramount-- we're praying that I go into labor at a convenient time (otherwise there could be so much traffic on the 605 that Freddy will be delivering the baby on the side of the freeway or something). But yeah, we're down to about 3 1/2 weeks until the due date-- it'll be here before we know it, I'm sure! We'll keep you posted*!
*As much as possible.. We have yet to have our internet connected at our new house-- so there may be a slight delay in posting.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary!

Tuesday was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!!

So to celebrate, we spent Saturday on Catalina Island!

It was so, so beautiful and we had a blast! Our boat ride (about an hour and ten minutes) left at 11:30 am, so we got there at about a quarter to 1pm.

We first went on an hour long tour of Avalon (so that we could get to know the area a little better and know what we wanted to spend our time seeing).
Following that we had these HUGE burritos for lunch from a little restaurant. Mmmm... Then we went on a glass bottom boat ride!

And actually, the it's not the whole bottom that's glass, like I pictured-- it's only certain parts of the boat that have the glass bottom.
Still very cool though.

After that, we walked over to their casino (that doesn't have any gambling) and museum-- only to find that they were both already closed for the day. Bummer.
Instead we went and shared an ice cream cone and then laid down on the beach for awhile. The weather was absolutely perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery!! Later that evening we went and did a little shopping--I got a cute, pink Catalina jacket. Also, I was suuuuper thirsty and finally found a water fountain. Buuuut, it was at the wrong height-- where, because I was pregnant, I couldn't bend in half to drink from it. Freddy thought it was wayyy funny. I thought I was still really thirsty.
After that we were pretty beat, so we just walked around and waited for our boat to leave (at 9:15pm). We got back to the mainland (that's what everyone over there calls it) at about 10:30pm. We even got escorted to the dock by the LAPD Boat Division-- while we were getting off we saw some guy being arrested! We were SO curious, but never found out what had happened.

Then, on Tuesday, our REAL anniversary, obviously most of the day was taken up with work and what not. But in the evening we went to the park for a delicious picnic dinner. Then once it got cold outside we went to the mall and walked around for a little while. It was really nice to just spend some time together, talking and enjoying the day. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freddy's Bike Ride and More

Recently, Freddy went on a little bike ride with some friends. :)

They rode from Josh Peck's house, in Corona, to the Huntington Beach Pier. Supposedly it was going to be 20 miles... then it was actually 25 miles.. and it ACTUALLY ended up being just over 30 miles. Boy was that a surprise for tired bikers. :)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the bike ride for some reason--- and ended up as a driver. Again. (I'm sure we all remember my role in the Grand Canyon hike...). BUT! Freddy was a great sport and took pictures all along the way so that it FELT like I was riding right along with him.
Here are some pictures from all the fun they had!
All the bikers getting ready... Freddy's bike had a flat before they even STARTED. Thank goodness for who ever brought the spare tube for Freddy.

Freddy and Ryan Peck together.

Freddy and Allison Constantino. For some reason, I was under the impression that everyone was SUPPOSED to wear yellow or a neon color, so I got Freddy's Ecuador jersey out for him. As it turned out that was NOT a requirement. But Allison was like, "That's okay, we ALWAYS knew where Freddy was!"
So they rode ALMOST all the way--- I guess someone got a flat tire about 3 miles from the pier and they had already gone over 30 miles. They were ready to be done, so we drove and picked them up. But they did make it to the beach-- we had just planned to meet at the pier and their trail came out a few miles south. Great job anyways, guys!! Everyone was SO exhausted from the ride.. Several of the riders decided that before their next ride they would buy more comfortable bike seats. :)
This past Saturday we went out to a Turkey Fry that Stephanie and Laz hosted! Parking was AWFUL and finally I just called Steph to see if she knew of any places to park and what not. As it turned out, we got to park in the DRIVEWAY because I had special pregnancy privilages. SWEEET! We don't have any pictures because we weren't the ones with the camera, but we DID have fun! And guess what? Laz makes SUUUUPER good potato salad! Who knew?!? Only down side is that I have yet to get the recipe. Booo... Also, you'd think that FRIED turkey would be gross because like, c'mon, it's fried. But NO-- it's waaayyyy moist and juicy instead of the often dry bird that results from sitting in an oven all day. Overall, we ate a lot and enjoyed our time with Steph, her BF Laz, and all their friends! :)
After THAT, we went back to make it to a birthday party for a good friend-- Suzie Pardo's son, Jared. Happy 8th Birthday, Jared!!! And guess where it was? Oh, only the best place ever-- CHUCK E. CHEESE!!! On the down side, we got there like seriously as everyone was leaving. Oops. But on the up side, we still stayed for like 4 hours and played tons of games! Suuuuper fun!
Here's Freddy playing the football throwing game (which he was wayyyy good at) and Maria, Tiny, and Brandon watching in awe. :) Later that night Freddy won the jackpot on the basketball game-- YAY FREDDY!!! We were suuuuper impressed.
And this is the game that Freddy is SOOO good at. The one where the bulbs light up one by one in a line (super fast) and you have to press it right when it gets to the right one. He pretty much has cat-like reflexes. Everytime we go he wins the jackpot on this game. It's basically like a guaranteed win. :) Yeah, we had tons of fun at Chuck E. Cheese.. and we got all sorts of great prizes with all our tickets.

And here we have a picture of me pregnant. :) This was actually two weeks ago-- but I kept forgetting to post it. Unfortunately it's pretty blurry... it was after church (and it was almost our turn to go in for our temple recommend renewal interviews that we were waiting for..) We'll have to take more and post them soon. Afterall, there's only two months left until we'll be posting pictures of an actual baby instead of just a bump!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day For....

Today was all about Riley! We finally took the time to finish his dog house! Yay!! Here's the finished product!

And here's Riley with his new and improved house! We've had the dog house taken apart for a few weeks trying to finish it. In the mean time he hasn't had that extra shade to enjoy. Poor puppy... But now it's back and BETTER than EVER!!

(I think I took the picture too fast because it looks like the white trim on the doorway is warped. In reality it's not, I simply have a dog that won't stay still for very long.)

And to finish off the day of fun, Riley got a baaath!!! Yay!! While usually it's not his favorite thing to do, today it was pretty hot so he enjoyed being cooled down.

In other news, we just recently got new (and desperately needed) phones! Fun! We actually have the exact same phone, the Samsung Eternity-- but mine has a pink cover and his has a black one (much more professional looking than pink). Our contract had just ended so we went ahead and upgraded our phones to wayyyy better ones. We're both still getting used to them, seeing as they're touch screen-- which neither of us have had before. But so far they seem great! My favorite feature so far: you can set TEN alarms!! On my last phone you could only set ONE. Talk about improvements!

The baby is growing so much lately! I really am starting to feel like a blimp... But on the up side, he kicks and moves more often and they're stronger too. Freddy's been able to see and feel the baby several times. (Before it was kinda like, "Ooo ooo! The baby's kicking!!" He'd quickly put his hand to feel--- "Oh... nevermind.. he stopped..") We're already well into the third trimester and only 12 more weeks to go! Amazing how time flies...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was fun-filled, to say the least. Or, at least just--- filled. We had an Elders' Quorum picnic at the park on Friday night to be at. Then Saturday we had to work in the morning and be at a family get together all afternoon (with relatives visiting from Ecuador). Then Freddy had to be BACK to meet with a client in the evening and off to a graduation party for a friend that night. Sunday came and Freddy had an early morning meeting at 7:30 to be at, church until noon, an impromptu picnic put together by my dad that afternoon, and a birthday party for a friend that evening. Boy, oh boy. It was enjoyable and fun to be with friends all weekend-- but I must admit, EXHAUSTING. And now we're back to Monday all over again.

Other things that have happened recently:

1. Riley became BFF with Ricky and Allana Rowley's dog, Milo. We went to Schabarum Park and let them run around together and then went for a hike. They have tons of fun together because neither one of them ever seem to get tired of playing!

2. We finally found a roofing company that would give us a few shingles from an open bag for FREE rather than having to buy a whole bundle of them. We wanted to roof Riley's dog house (which has turned out to be a bigger project than we originally intended) and were so excited to finally have the materials. We worked on the roof last week and it's turning out pretty well-- only a few set backs (ie the drill battery died after like, one screw-- we're still trying to find the time to put the roof back on the house..) Also, the shingles are like... blue. So we plan on spray painting them black ASAP.

3. The baby has been kicking a ton lately! Freddy and I frequently enjoy time together watching and feeling the baby kick... :) And my clothes are slowly being weeded out of my closet into a box in the garage-- all the things I totally don't fit into anymore. We went in for another doctor's appointment this past week. Everything looked good! The baby's heartbeat was great-- at 142 beats per minute (should be between 120-180). I'll be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow; my next appointment isn't until the 19th? (or something like that).. But yeah, some things that Tracy doesn't like while being pregnant: the heat, the smell of seafood, and standing for more than like- a minute. Things that Tracy does like: swimming and cold showers, feeling the baby kick, drinking milk all the time, salads, and watermelon! Overall, things are going great!

That's pretty much the extent of things going on over here-- oh-- except that the CIRCUS IS IN TOWN!!! We're hoping to be able to go on Saturday!!!! :) I love the circus. But yeah- that's the update for now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July Fun, House Hunting, and Riley

Go me for finally taking the time to blog. I was waiting until I had pictures to post. Then I realized I still had some 4th of July ones that I never even blogged about! Silly me..

First, I wanted to tell about our fun Fourth of July--

We woke up early and went to the Boy Scouts Pancake Breakfast. It was pretty good-- we had pancakes (obviously), scrambled eggs, and sausage. Unfortunately eggs and sausage aren't really on the Tracy-likes-to-eat list, so I just had pancakes and Freddy got double the eggs and sausage. We're such a good team. :)

Then, we drove up to the high desert to look at some homes. It was two thumbs way down.. Not because there weren't good houses to see, but here's the thing: Monica, my mother-in-law, is our agent. And she has this COOL thing called a SupraKey. (I always thought they were calling it a SuperKey-- but whatever.) So the idea is that you have this little sensor remote thing and all the lock boxes on all the houses sense that you have the remote thing-- then they open up and give you the key-- and you look at the beautiful house. UNLESS. IT. DOESN'T. WORK. Unless the SupraKey is only for a certain area and it keeps telling you "Access Denied" every time you try to use it. And unless 99% of the houses don't even USE the SupraKey boxes, and instead use lock boxes with codes and you don't have ANY of the codes. Like I said-- two thumbs WAY down. We only got to see ONE house (well, at least beyond looking through the windows) and it was TRASHED. And it smelled like they were housing horses and pigs in there. Now, I'm the first person to understand the need to look past minor physical details that can easily be changed. Trust me, I've seen like, every episode of House Hunters on HGTV-- but seriously, this house had me against it right from the moment I found out that it was on Chippendale Circle. It really could have been gorgeous and I still wouldn't have wanted to live there because of the street name alone. But once I saw the inside too, oh man, that was like, strikes 2 through 20. So we drove an hour out there only to be SO frustrated that we couldn't even get into anything. Suuuuper frustrating. (Side note: We went again last weekend and we were (ahem- our agent was) WAYYY more prepared. We saw like 12-15 different houses and had a MUCH better experience.)
After that we went over to the Pardos' house and joined in on their 4th of July party! We had tons of food, lit pretty fireworks in the backyard, enjoyed sparklers, and watched the firework show (usually Walnut HS puts on the firework show, but this summer they're remodeling the whole track and field, so it was from Suzanne Park-- just a block away-- we still had great views from the Pardos' roof).

Riley is so funny!! So first of all, he usually eats just dry food, but occasionally we let him have a mix of wet and dry food. The only problem is that the wet food attracts flies-- LOTS of flies. And Riley gets SO DISTRACTED by them! He'll start eating... and then hear them by him... then he SNAPS and tries to catch them! He'll chase them ALL OVER the back yard until he loses them and comes back to eat his food. Funny!

And the FUNNIEST thing he does.... So Riley has to be an outside dog (lame) because my in laws don't want him in the house. Fine. But he also has to be a chained-up outside dog (super lame) because one time he found one of my step father-in-law's tools on the ground and chewed the cord (duh- pick it up off the ground). (But whatever-- I'm not bitter about it!) Anyway-- he's usually pretty good about having to be put back on his chain when we have to go back inside. Lately he's been playing this game where Freddy will call out, "Riley, chain!" and he'll start walking toward you--but stop about 2 feet past where the chain will reach. He'll sprawl out on the ground and then mayyybe start inching toward you (as long as you still can't reach him). Suuuuper funny!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The BIG Announcement!

(Side note: First day of July and I'm starting off strong with the blogging! Woo hoo!!)

Okay. So I know that I had my mind set on waiting to find out the baby's gender. And I really was determined to wait! But then.... it just seemed so unfair that the ultrasound tech knew and I didn't even know what it was going to be. So-- if you want to make a final guess as to what you think the baby is, now's your chance!

Oh and if you don't want to know-- you should just not read this post probably. :)




Yay!!!! We're suuuuper excited!! You see, I kept having dreams (more like nightmares) that the baby would come and I didn't even have like a diaper or any clothes or anything. It was AWFUL! So finally I decided to start getting things-- you know, sticking to gender neutral things. But here's the thing: gender neutral things stink. And beyond that, I don't think they're THAT neutral. Green just seems more like a boy color-- and yellow seems more girly... I don't know.. But I wanted to get cooler clothes. So then I decided that since I thought I was having a boy, I would just start buying boy stuff (which is a fabulous idea, if you actually end up with a boy-- not so great if you really get a girl). I only bought one cute little dress that my mom made me buy because it was simply adorable. I'll save it for another kid, maybe. Anyway, when it came down to it my determination to wait was getting weaker and weaker. Finally, I just cracked! SO- now we know (although my mom really wants a girl still so she reminds us that ultrasounds CAN BE wrong!!)! Freddy's so proud already. He's like, I'm gonna teach him how to do _____ and show him how to shoot/pass/kick/dribble like this... etc. Cute.

And now, if we could just come up with a name we like... :/

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up-- BIG TIME

Okay. It's seriously time to catch up on blogging. Everytime I'm like, Oh, I should blog. And then I'm like, Mehhhh but if I do, I'll have to do like the post of the century to catch up on everything since like 2002. And then guess what? I don't blog at all. So you know what? Now I'm going to. I'm thinking instead of doing a FULL, DETAILED post about every single thing, I'm just going to give the highlights and catch everyone up.
Let's see--- end of May--- We went to Arizona with most of my family to hike the Grand Canyon. Well, Freddy hiked and I was a driver (my doctor didn't think that hiking almost 25 miles was such a good idea in my condition..). Regardless, it was pretty fun to go and see the canyon. Freddy was basically amazing at hiking and did a great job. (I had a huge long post ONLY for the Canyon trip and it got deleted accidentally so I'm kind of over posting about this...)
Beginning of June-- my 21st birthday was on the 6th! Yay!! I LOVE birthdays (mainly mine) and was counting down forEVER. Freddy planned a nice little family party to celebrate! Fun! Unfortunately I still was getting over a cold (lame birthday gift from Mother Nature of something) so I made the wish and Freddy blew out the candles for me-- didn't want everyone else to catch my cold. But I had the prettiest cake and my mom even brought me some pink tulips! I love tulips!!
For my birthday Freddy took me to Medieval Times!! I love Medieval Times!!! It was suuuper fun and the food was delicious (so much of it too)! We were cheering for the green knight-- who actually turned out to be like the bad guy that no one liked. He almost won-- but like, obviously the bad guy can't win... Oh well.. Overall, great birthday!
Mid-June--- we went to watch everyone in the World Famous Mud Race at Camp Pendleton! Freddy was supposed to run too, but he hurt his knee playing soccer and it was still too sore to run (it's still too sore). They were all pretty dirty by the time they finished the race.
Recently--- (can't really remember when-- maybe two weeks ago?) We finally got around to painting Riley's dog house. We chose a beautiful shade of red and were thrilled to start. Freddy set the can of paint on the edge of the trash can while he finished setting up. And when he got back? Hm..a big red paint blob on the patio! Needless to say, we painted very quickly-- using the ground instead of the paint tray we had gotten. Afterward we hosed and sprayed the spot in hopes that it wouldn't stain. And now there's a nice, faded, pink stain on the patio to remind us of the day we painted Riley's dog house! (We're still not done.. we need to paint the trim white and we want to put shingles on the roof to make it look super cute-- but we can't find a roofing company that will share some scraps!)
And that PRETTY MUCH brings us up to date! We still have one more announcement that I think deserves it's own post-- but who knows when I'll realistically get to that. My goal is within the week!