Monday, November 14, 2011

Nathan Turns TWO!

Guess what Friday was?! Nathan's 2ND Birthday!!! 
The fun banner I made for his big day.. :)
Nathan walking down the stairs checking out all the streamers and balloons in the living room..
"BALLOONS!?!? Orange balloon?! Red balloon?! Green balloon!!!

"How old are you Nathan?" "I'm TWO!"

At Nathan's birthday party at the park-- once he finally woke up (by finally, I mean, "half an hour after his party started," and by "woke up," I mean, "got woken up by his Mom." )

All the kiddos decorating their cupcakes-- 
Nathan had a special little kid cake that we decorated together... (and all the kids wanted it.. EXCEPT NATHAN)
He just wanted to decorate a cupcake like everyone else.
Later that night we had cake and ice cream with the family...

This is Nathan conducting his birthday choir.  Every time we lit the candles he'd start conducting and start everyone off by singing, "Haaaaappppyyyyy....."
And of course-- the moment he'd been practicing for... for like, oh, weeks.  He was a total pro.

Ecuadorian tradition is to bite into your birthday cake once they're done singing and you're done wishing... {except generally this is the point where someone secretly comes behind you and pushes your face into the cake... Maybe next year, Nathan.}
But we did have fun playing with the whipped cream icing on the cake!
Lots of fun... 

And Daddy got to play, too! 

 I can't believe he's already two years old!  One thing that I love about motherhood is that every month I'm like, "You know, Nathan was cool last month, but this month is the BEST EVER!" And then the next month I say the exact same thing again.  Month after month he just keeps getting better and better--  I don't know if all kids are this fun, but I sure like Nathan.  He's such a great kid and I'm so lucky to be his mom!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Time to carve our pumpkin!  What fun!
Here goes....!

Except that Nathan did NOT like the feeling of the seeds one bit! "Ahhh!  Sticky!!"

The stem (or "hat" as N called it) was particularly fun to play with...

...But a little tricky to get back on just right.

Trying to blow out the fake candle inside the pumpkin...

Here we have the "Papa pumpkin" and the "baby pumpkin." If you ask him where the "Mama pumpkin" is he shrugs, shakes his head, and says, "No hay!" (English translation: "There isn't any!")

Our Mickey Mouse Jack-o-lantern!
Showing his Mickey Mouse ears!

Uh... posing? We're working on that.. :)
 We had a lot of fun carving Nathan's first pumpkin!!  Halloween was so much fun this year!