Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Home!

I thought I would add a few pictures of our home here in Rexburg. We love our apartment and we're especially excited for our new ward building across the street to finally be done! We found out on Sunday that it is the largest church building the church has ever built! It has TWO chapels, one on each end. The whole building is larger than a football field (with both end zones)-- it's two story and will be finished on August 30th!! We can't wait to move into our beautiful new building!! We've been going to church in the seminary building by the high school- which is pretty cramped, but we're making do. There are just wayyy too many wards here and they're running out of place to put them. So they built our building-- which is going to be a prototype for future buildings!

Also, there's a couple pictures of the outside of our building... We're on the second floor on the left! And then there's also a couple pictures of our entry way, living room, and kitchen. Maybe I'll add pictures of the bathroom, and both bedrooms as soon as I clean them... :)


  1. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE first apartment!!!!!!!!!! Holy moley!!!!!!! TOO CUTE! The church building looks beautiful and will be so nice to have! You can walk to church! Love and miss you!

  2. By the way, Tracy put up her curtains when I was coming. She wanted to impress me. And impress me she did. And then we copied her Proclamation and marriage certificate thing.

  3. hey tracy, I love your appartment. just wanted to stop by and say hello!