Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was fun-filled, to say the least. Or, at least just--- filled. We had an Elders' Quorum picnic at the park on Friday night to be at. Then Saturday we had to work in the morning and be at a family get together all afternoon (with relatives visiting from Ecuador). Then Freddy had to be BACK to meet with a client in the evening and off to a graduation party for a friend that night. Sunday came and Freddy had an early morning meeting at 7:30 to be at, church until noon, an impromptu picnic put together by my dad that afternoon, and a birthday party for a friend that evening. Boy, oh boy. It was enjoyable and fun to be with friends all weekend-- but I must admit, EXHAUSTING. And now we're back to Monday all over again.

Other things that have happened recently:

1. Riley became BFF with Ricky and Allana Rowley's dog, Milo. We went to Schabarum Park and let them run around together and then went for a hike. They have tons of fun together because neither one of them ever seem to get tired of playing!

2. We finally found a roofing company that would give us a few shingles from an open bag for FREE rather than having to buy a whole bundle of them. We wanted to roof Riley's dog house (which has turned out to be a bigger project than we originally intended) and were so excited to finally have the materials. We worked on the roof last week and it's turning out pretty well-- only a few set backs (ie the drill battery died after like, one screw-- we're still trying to find the time to put the roof back on the house..) Also, the shingles are like... blue. So we plan on spray painting them black ASAP.

3. The baby has been kicking a ton lately! Freddy and I frequently enjoy time together watching and feeling the baby kick... :) And my clothes are slowly being weeded out of my closet into a box in the garage-- all the things I totally don't fit into anymore. We went in for another doctor's appointment this past week. Everything looked good! The baby's heartbeat was great-- at 142 beats per minute (should be between 120-180). I'll be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow; my next appointment isn't until the 19th? (or something like that).. But yeah, some things that Tracy doesn't like while being pregnant: the heat, the smell of seafood, and standing for more than like- a minute. Things that Tracy does like: swimming and cold showers, feeling the baby kick, drinking milk all the time, salads, and watermelon! Overall, things are going great!

That's pretty much the extent of things going on over here-- oh-- except that the CIRCUS IS IN TOWN!!! We're hoping to be able to go on Saturday!!!! :) I love the circus. But yeah- that's the update for now!

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  1. Wow, kicking!!! Isn't it crazy that they can move that much in there???? How are ya girl??? Cute blog.