Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Ready...

So I just wanted to post really quickly since who knows when the next time I'll have a chance will be. My due date is two weeks from today so it's only a matter of time until we have a new addition to the family. :)

First-- let me appologize that the pictures are so small. The upside of taking pictures on my phone is that I sometimes take pictures more often and I'm more likely to post them because I don't have to upload everything from my actual camera. The downside is that they're super small. I'll look into it and see if I can change the settings or something.

Okay- here we have my yellow roses that bloomed!! Yay!! Unfortunately I didn't even notice them until they'd already bloomed and started kinda wilting, so they're not as pretty as I'm sure they once were. BUT!! I noticed that the red rose bush has probably 4-5 that are budding and should be blooming soon enough.
Next! Freddy is the best ever. :)
He's been so good at helping me in whatever way possible throughout the pregnancy. For example, I totally can't reach my toes at all-- for obvious reasons. Anyway, he's been painting my toe nails for me! How niiiice. It's really cute because he tries really hard to make sure they turn out pretty well. He's done them twice now and I'm so proud of him!!
And yesterday was like the best day of Freddy's life-- :) We were at IKEA in Carson getting a dresser for the baby's clothes and as we were leaving-- passing the Carson mall-- we hear Power 106 broadcasting outside. And to Freddy's surprise, they had the Laker Girls there too! It was the highlight of the day for him-- and he's contemplating framing the 8-1/2 x 11 squad picture with all of the autographs. :)

So we've been getting ready for the baby to come! We live in a pretty small place (understatement) and so there's not exactly a seperate room just for the baby's things. SO! We've been making do. On Friday night we went to Babies R Us to pick up the travel system and the portable crib (we don't have space for a regular crib and decided that a portable one is the solution-- now we have it for visiting grandparents, sisters, etc.) that we wanted. Welllll. We. Got. Jacked. >:[ I was sooooo mad.. This is what happened. We were at Babies R Us looking at a certain model of travel system (the ones that have the stroller and the car seat that snaps into the stroller). We've pulled the display out and are trying it out, seeing if we like it, pushing it around a little bit, etc. We decide that we like it. Yay! Then this employee comes directly at us and is like, "Do you need help with anything?" JUST as I'm like, "Ye--" this other woman is standing over by where the display goes is like, "I DO!" So I'm like oh, okay-- we'll let her go first or whatever (even though we'd been there for like ten minutes and she JUST walked up like 20 seconds ago). So then she's like "I need that one (pointing at the box above the display to the travel system that we're looking at and waiting to get... the LAST ONE)." My jaw just dropped as he pulls it down for her and sets it in her cart. (And I could swear that at this point she looks directly at us and gives us this ugly, smug look, but I'm probably just making that up because I was so mad). So she walks away just as fast as she came and I'm like, "Was... that... the... last one?" And the employee is like, "Uhh.. yeah." I was like, "Nooooooooo!" (Tiny bit of background-- we chose a travel system and registered for it and it was discontinued the next week. Unavailable. Ugh. So we chose ANOTHER one to replace it and that one ALSO was discontinued just like two weeks ago. Great.) So you can imagine, for me, who NEEDS a car seat in order to be ALLOWED to leave the hospital with my newborn baby, I was somewhat annoyed that yet another one was going to be taken and we were STILL without a carseat, etc. So as we were leaving the store completely empty handed, I just stared at the woman in line that was buying MY stroller. I was not happy. But! It all worked out okay-- we went the next morning to the Babies R Us in Westminster and they had it waiting on hold for us. :) And I also found the cutest diaper bag ever. (And HER stroller was probably defective anyway.) SO! We have the box for the stroller/carseat combo along with the portable crib at home waiting for us to come home and assemble them. (SIDE NOTE: Freddy is always SO much calmer than I ever am. He was like-- "[Shrug.] That's okay." I was fuming mad and he was like, "What's the big deal? It's okay..." Lol.) I'll make sure to post pictures of all the fun things we got. :)

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  1. Uhhhh, it's fun that you got one of those, but really, everyone knows they give you a free carseat when you leave the hospital. It's not a fancy special travel system,, even the Humane Society gives you a leash if you adopt a dog, or a cat carrier if you adopt a cat. Totally the hospital gives car seats. Otherwise people might try to drive off with their newborn not in a carseat. Obviously, people just can't have that kind of free agency, because it's like the however many points they give you just for putting your name on the SAT; like, you have to start with SOMETHING, and it would suck if you were already a terrible parent before you really even started being much of a parent...