Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Three of Us

Hello again! It's been a long time since we last posted pictures of little Nathan (not out of choice-- still no internet at our place so my time online is VERY limited).

But I wanted to post a few pictures of our cute, little boy... and he is cute...

Here's his first real bath! We had to wait for his umbilical cord to fall off until we could use his little bathtub. He wasn't such a fan of bathing at first-- but we're better at it now. It's always really cold at our house so there's never a great time to be getting out of the warm water into the cold, cold air. But now bath time is lots of fun for him-- and what's even better is that he sleeps SO WELL after a bath.
Nathan likes to play two different games-- both related to changing his diaper. The first is called "How a Little Boy Surprises His Parents." As you can imagine, that's played simply by either Freddy or myself going to change his diaper-- you turn for one second to grab a wipe and when you look back everything is getting wet! That's a fun one.. The second game is called "Blue Line." I call it this because on his diapers is a yellow stripe down the front. Conveniently, when the diaper is wet the stripe turns blue. SO! You change his diaper and he's got a nice, clean diaper on... then you head to go _______ (fill in the blank-- sit down on the couch, feed him, blink, etc.) and what do you know?! It's blue! Like magic! :) Yeah, our family LOVES games so Nathan fits RIGHT in.
Our CHRISTMAS TREE!! Yay!! We have a tradition (ahem- that we decided to start this year) that we decorate for Christmas and get our tree on the first Saturday in December... So here it is while we were waiting for the branches to settle.. And Freddy putting the lights on... (We moved it because it was blocking the tv... Now it's blocking the couch... Sigh, oh the joys of living in a shoe box.)And here's Nathan helping by laying quietly. Thanks, Nathan! This is us at the Creekside Ward Christmas Party-- Santa came and Nathan got to sit on his lap! But really, all he wanted was to eat and Santa couldn't exactly help him with that, so needless to say, he was a little bit fussy.
Santa, Nathan, and his grandmas, all having fun together. :) Nathan and me. :) He was asleep for the ENTIRE party... finally he woke up just before Santa was about to leave. But of course he was staaarving so we headed for the mothers' room. Unfortunately by the time he was done eating there were only two cars left in the once full parking lot (and one was ours). Bummer..
And here's our happy little family! Nathan has been such a blessing in our lives and we have SO much fun with him. I'm amazed by him every time I look at him... What a little sweetheart. :)

(Isn't that the cutest little face? I love that one...)

I'll try to keep up with the holidays-- but I hope you enjoyed the update!

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  1. My Sweet Tracy
    Your little boy is just adorable! What a sweet family you have. Merry Christmas.
    Hugs, Ann