Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nathan LOVES...

Just a quick post-- I'm at the library and I told the woman at the Information desk that I only needed a computer for a few minutes. She let me use one of the special, reserved ones usually only for the Literary Center. Now, 35 minutes later, I'm still on... and blogging.
Okay-- so here are some pictures of little Nathan (Although these pictures are quite a bit bigger-- I guess I figured out how to take bigger pictures on my cell phone)!

Here's N asleep in his car seat... He LOVES being in the car. So much to see (when you're awake)! And such a nice nap otherwise..
Nathan also loves to watch dryers! We have a washer at home, but still have to take wet clothes to the laundomat to dry. And boy does he LOVE that! All the different colors of clothes going around and around! What FUN! (This was me taking a picture with my phone trying to capture his mesmerized look...)
And Nathan loves to SMILE! (Finally caught on camera!)
There's another cute one... just while we were waiting for Daddy (Nathan's dad--) to come back to the car..
And finally one of him in his CUTE dinosaur sleeper that he loves to wear. He's been sleeping quite well, even though he's had a cold lately. But what a good kid! He's so adorable and we love him!
Uh oh-- "MY SESSION WILL END IN TEN MINUTES." Have I really been on this computer for an hour?? Oh boy-- guess it's time to get going. Hope to post again soon. If not, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

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