Monday, August 8, 2011

Four Months in Four Minutes

Let's not even get started on my past four months of {not} blogging. Instead, let's just jump right in and get a quick overview of what we've been up to.

1. We went to a Ward Family Picnic at the Mesa Temple.
It was pretty cute when Nathan saw the Christus statue this time-- he kept acting like he was so amazed. "Gasp! (And point)...Gasp! (And point)...Gasp!" You get the idea. It was pretty cute.
2. We've been {Nathan's been} playing hide and go seek.
3. Darren and Isis came to visit and we had a blast!
3a. We went to the Maricopa County Fair together---

{And these are the only pictures we have with D and I in them-- so, yeah, just trust me-- that's the back of Isis's head.}
3b. We stopped and took pictures by the river next to ASU {it's probably about time I learn what that darn river is actually named} and we almost went paddle boating, but Nathan was too little to go on the boat {and it was too hot to be out on the water having to paddle}. So we took nice pictures instead!
3c. And we went to the Mesa Temple together-- we wanted to see the Easter Pageant, but it turned out to be in Spanish that day.
4. We went to the Easter Pageant for real {and when it was in English}. THAT was cool. We left making a mental list of all the people we want to invite to it next year. {If you're reading this-- you're probably already on the list.}
5. We celebrated EASTER!!! Nathan had an Easter egg hunt out on our grass {Sure wish it still looked like that. We'll get to that soon enough.}. He needed a little help.
And he collected all of his eggs in his toy boat. :) {Brilliant.}
And Freddy accidentally fell asleep while Nathan and I played with sidewalk chalk. {When he saw this picture he was like, "Did I actually fall asleep??!" Uhh-- totally.
6. We've been weddinging. This particular one was Nick and Gloria's-- Freddy's cousins. They had Aztec dancers to a pretty sweet performance during their reception. Nathan reallly wanted to get his hands on some of those feathers.
7. Freddy surprised me for Mothers Day and made me dinner! WOW! He {and Nathan} made me a homemade chicken pot pie-- my choice-- and it was DE-LIC-IOUS!
And they played around a bit... like always...
I loved dinner! And I was SO proud of my husband!! :)
7. And then, of course, we went to ECUADOR!!! :D
So here we are in the airport at oh, 1:30 in the morning or so-- ready for the 10 hour? flight ahead of us! {Yeah right.}
And we'll stop there for now. :) So I guess that was more like, a month and a half in ten minutes, rather than 4 months in 4. BUT! Stay tuned! Because our whole SIX weeks in Ecuador is coming up next! Ecuador, Day 1... {Just kidding..} I think we'll just focus on the highlights, or else we'll be doing these posts until after Halloween or so. {2012, that is.} ;-)


  1. TRACY! YAY! I knew you could do it. (Blog, that is.)

    Okay, now keep going. Don't disappoint me.

  2. Love the blog! You have one cute family! Can't wait to hear about Ecuador!;]