Monday, April 30, 2012

Boys' Night Out (in the cold).

Friday night was the Father/Son Camp out, and of course my boys went! They got there pretty late at night- Freddy had to finish up some homework before they left.  And then we had to load the car. And then we wanted to go to Chipotle as a family before they left.  So they ended up getting there about 9:45 or so, and still had to set up the tent and everything.  (The campsite was up near Flagstaff, so it was almost a two hour drive to get there...) But this kiddo was excited!  
 Here are my boys in the tent together.  So the last time we went camping, in our backyard, Riley had a little fun with our tent, which resulted in a broken zipper for the tent.  Well, Nathan and I set up the tent in our living room, just to make sure it would still be usable for the camping trip.  The zipper was definitely broken, but could still close about 85%-- with small openings on either end of the tent door. I figured I'd just send them with a bunch of safety pins to close it up a bit better.  Well, that container of safety pins sat on the kitchen counter all night long, so these boys were COLD. I guess Freddy used one sleeping bag at the tent door to try to keep out the cold, and then they shared the other sleeping bag, and had one blanket too.  Poor Freddy was freezing! F put Nathan on the closed side of the sleeping bag, and then F's back was toward the sleeping bag zipper, and the tent door, so needless to say, he didn't get much sleep.
Silly little boy! What a cutie!

The next morning. Nathan saw the picture and shouted, "And we get OUT the TENT! :)"
This cute kid looks tired!
Nathan's helping me post this, since I wasn't there. For this picture he said, "Oh, the fire! Like this: (pretends to be warming his hands by the fire)."
This is Nathan's pancake for breakfast. And his comment now: "I want orange juice!"

Nathan says that he's running here.  "Going and I'm behind the tree." 
Dang. What a cutie pie! Beautiful trees-- so different from only two hours away-- Phoenix's desert landscaping.
Getting ready to go home!
These boys had fun camping.  Sort of. Freddy made a comment when he was telling me about their trip.  Something like, "I don't know why I think I like camping." Haha-- we decided that Freddy actually likes traveling. Like with hotels and everything.  But camping, sleeping on the ground in the cold outdoors, etc-- isn't really his fun.  But for once a year, spending time with Nathan, it's totally worth it! :)


  1. Yeah, Jeff and I thought we liked camping too.

    We don't actually. Wind makes camping miserable.

  2. I've never *liked* camping, only tolerated it. Glad they had such a good time!