Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Mid-August, Darren and Isis came to visit us in Arizona. :) Yay!!!
We love visitors-- and love Darren and Isis even. more.
They drove out here early afternoon on Thursday, the 16th-- and got here just before Freddy got home from work that day.  We spent the first night at our house-- eating dinner and then playing games 
{Isis and Tracy: Reigning Taboo Champions Forever}. 
The next couple days we stayed at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Scottsdale-- 
and we sure had fun!
Swimming in one of the many pools..

Freddy "surfing" on Darren's back. :) What talent.

Cute family picture. Way to look at the camera, N. ;)
Darren and Isis! We just love them! :)
Girls hanging out in the Lazy River. :)
The view from our balcony. Thank you upgraded view room. 
That night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse {Delicious!} and played games in the hotel room. Let's just say that we generally play boys against girls-- and let's just say that the boys tried not to cry from all the times they lost against us. Just saying. 
Stay tuned! More to come!

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