Friday, November 16, 2012

Sarah and Darren Got Hitched!

So, back in October we went up to Utah for Sarah and Darren's wedding. Yay! 
Here are a few pictures from the big day!

Nathan helping Sarah set up the hall. (More like, he spent 95% of his time on the playground with Papi and came in for 30 seconds to take a picture with Sarah.)
One of my favorite pictures that we (I) took from the whole night. Sarah looked ah-mazing!
Their wedding rings, together. 
During the ceremony. :)
Annnnnnnd Nathan was the ring bearer. What was a really nice ceremony for some, was a reaaaallllly loooonnng ceremony for a two year old. Ha. This picture captures just one of his many activities to pass the time away. ;)
The happy couple! Mr. and Mrs. Valletta!
Cutting the cake-- the delicious cake. 
After the party, snapping a few family shots. :)
Congratulations, Sarah and Darren! We're excited for your guys' future together. :) 
Particularly next Wednesday through Sunday. That ought to be an exciting time in your lives. ;) 

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