Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Great Thing About Procrastinating

One thing that I love is banana bread. Not necessarily because I really enjoy the taste or anything like that, but rather because it's the one thing that the longer I wait to make it, the better it tastes! How wonderful it is to know that I don't really have to make it when I originally want to (if I run out of time or something) because chances are I'm improving the ultimate result by procrastinating.
I cringe when I see expiration dates approaching on milk, eggs, bread, etc. because it kills me to see money wasted when we throw things away. And it doesn't help that I'm extremely cautious about expiration dates. Freddy keeps trying to tell me that when it says "SELL BY:_______" that means we still have a good two weeks or so to use it. I'm not buying it. Who wants to eat/drink old, potentially rotting food? Not I, said the Tracy.
But regardless, my bananas have been piling up lately. I've been freezing them so that I can wait even longer to make it... and today I (finally) made the commitment to actually make the bread. Little did I know that I had enough bananas to make THREE batches. We will have banana bread for months (not really, because obviously it won't last long enough to go bad---since I don't like old food). Also something that I do occasionally is this: if we can't eat something fast enough (usually a cake) we take it to work and drop it off in the break room with a sign that says "FREE FOR ALL." Easiest way to get rid of anything-- bar none.

Ok- so I only had two pans, so I made two loaves, and banana bread muffins. And surprisingly- they look really good. I haven't tried one yet-- they just got out of the oven, like a minute ago. Anyone reading this is welcome to come on over and grab a freshly baked banana muffin!

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