Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our New Puppy, Riley!!!!

Isn't he just adorable?? This is Riley, our puppy that we just got! We had been wanting to get a puppy for months but our apartments don't allow pets. But since we're moving (oh by the way we're moving back to So Cal, if you hadn't heard) we decided we would get one for Christmas. But then, we were listing our apartment on Craig's list and I happened to get distracted in the pets section. I saw that in Pocatello they had SEVEN puppies for FREE!!! Whaaat? Free?? Oh, we couldn't pass it up. So we emailed the girl and apparently they only had one left; he was male and suuuuper cuddly and lovey. Great. We'll take 'em! He's a Icelandic Sheepdog and Australian Shepherd mix. Sooo cute.

He's suuuuch a good little puppy. And he's soooo cute. But he's not so fond of baths quite yet as apparent in the picture below.

And he's teething, so instead of letting him chew on us, he chews on this little cow thing that I got during a presentation in my accounting class. He also likes this little plush soccer ball that we have.

He's really sweet... we have a collar for him, but it's like 47 sizes too big... he drowns in it. But he'll only grow to be about 2 feet tall and about 25 lbs or so. A good sized dog.
Oh! AND! Petco is having a FREE puppy training class in two weeks! Riley is SO excited to go (or at least I am)!! We're already having tons of fun and we've only had him for a couple of days. OH! And last night was his first night sleeping all the way to a decent hour without waking us up! Good puppy...


  1. Your puppy is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, when are you moving to SoCal?? And why?? And where are you going to live??? And WHEN were you going to tell me???!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!