Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

I'm so productive today. Freddy is at a conference in Long Beach today that was supposed to be over at 12pm, but actually goes until like 2pm, so I've had so much time to get things done. Yay!
I've been keeping track of things that I wanted to blog about and so now I'll unload all of my ideas.

1. First- I just wanted to add a visual image of the shirt that I got for Christmas, so this is it.

2. Second on the list, is something that I really thought was awesome. It's a chocolate bar that Stephanie gave to me (and it was suuuper good). But the packaging is my favorite. You might not be able to tell (my camera wouldn't focus like I wanted it to) but this is a Marital Bliss Bar. 5o% Hers, in pink, and 50% His, in black. Love it!

3. And finally, something that I thought of while browsing the weekly grocery store ads this past week. I've always found it funny that the advertisements come out the day before the sales for that week begin. It reminds me of that tv show, Early Edition. If you're not familiar with that one, this guy always gets tomorrow's newpaper today. Basically he has the opportunity to go around stopping bad things from happening and becoming tomorrow's news. As he saves people, the stories disappear from the paper. Well, sometimes when I get these advertisements that don't start until tomorrow, I feel like the guy in Early Edition. I feel like I know the future and other people don't. I feel like I should be standing by the frozen peas to prevent everyone from paying $2.99 when tomorrow they'll only be 99 cents each or something. Or maybe doing half my shopping today and the other half tomorrow, that way I can take advantage of ALL the sales! How wonderful.

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  1. You are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! I love when you put something new on your blog!!!! I ALWAYS know it will put a smile on my face! Love you!