Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soccer and Camping

On Tuesday nights we go to institute and then Freddy goes to play soccer at the church... and I go to cheer for him (and the other guys too). So this time I took pictures and wanted to post a few of them. The main problem is that soccer is fast and no one wanted to pretend they were playing, but really posing, or play in slow motion for me. Hm. So, sometimes the pictures are cool-blurry, and other times they're just lame-blurry. You decide. (Oh- and Freddy was wearing a black and blue jersey with white shorts-- just so it's easier to spot him!)

In this one, you can barely see it-- but Freddy's heading the ball in the corner of the cultural hall! Sweet!

There's a blurry Freddy kicking his leg back to get the ball... Pretty impressive, I'd say...
And then, for date night last night, we went camping. In our backyard.

Sooo fun! So yeah, I think I maybe hogged all of the blankets and the sleeping bags because Freddy was freezing all night long and I can't remember being the slightest bit cold. Poor guy. And Riley slept with us! Yay! He's fun.. mostly. Not so much when your really trying to go to bed and he just wants to play... but yeah, once he's asleep, then he's really fun to sleep next to!

I left early in the morning because it was my dad's birthday, so Sarah and I took him to Bob's Big Boy for breakfast. Because of that, the tent didn't get put away until mid-afternoon. When we got to it-- this is how it looked.

It was pretty hard to put everything away since Riley had grown acustomed to having three blankets and two sleeping bags to sleep on. He wasn't very excited to see those go... Bummer. Don't worry, Riley! We'll camp again soon!

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