Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentine's Day and Freddy's Birthday!!!

Ok everyone-- I know, I know... We didn't blog once throughout ALL of February. Don't worry-- things are looking good. I've made it a goal to blog an average of once a week as part of my 101 in 1001 Goals (we'll get to what those are later). Also... we've got some pretty exciting things going on lately... but first we need to catch up!!

1. Valentine's Day. (How did we ever get this behind on blogging??)

Let's see... we started off the day by going and taking professional family pictures for Valentine's Day. After that we drove out to the place that Freddy proposed out in the Hollywood hills. Once it was dark we decided to go Santa Monica Pier and we walked around for awhile.

We saw a guy that was a one man, seventeen instrument band-- that was pretty cool. And he even dedicated the song he sang to us!! It was pretty cute, except that he had such a thick Asian accent that it was hard to understand him.

After we had had our fun there, we stopped by the LA temple-- intending to do a session, but it was too late. Then went out for pizza at this cute little pizzeria around the corner from the temple. It seemed a little shady for some reason... like they didn't know the prices and weren't sure about other things like that, but the pizza was delicious. Freddy got me some potted tulips that were gorgeous, a teddy bear, chocolates, this cool scrapbooking paper organizer, and a jogging suit! I got him some new soccer shorts and I had to give him one of his birthday presents early... LAKER TICKETS!! He loved them-- we'll get to that later. Overall it was the perfect Valentine's Day and we both just had a blast being together all day.

2. Freddy's 24th Birthday (Feb. 18th)!!!
So like I said before, I got Freddy tickets to the Hawks vs. Lakers game on the 17th, the day before his birthday. I ended up giving him the tickets on Valentine's Day so that he would have time to prepare for the game and get excited!! We had such a blast at the game!! It was tons of fun to be there.. Our seats were pretty high up in the stands.. like the top row... but it was STILL FUN!! After being down by more than like 12 pts the Lakers came back and won the game!!

Then on his REAL birthday we went out to dinner with the family and went to his soccer game. Afterwards a few friends and family members came over to have cake and ice cream. I got him some new sunglasses and some Nike pants to match a jacket that he got for his birthday last year. All in all it was tons of fun to celebrate Freddy's birthday down here with our family!

This post is getting a little long, so maybe I'll have to post again tomorrow. Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates!!

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  1. Sounds like things are good!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad for you guys!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!! Love you!!!!!!!