Sunday, April 5, 2009

What We've Been Up To!

Let's see, what have we been up to?
1. Family came to visit. Actually this was quite awhile ago, like a whole month. Whatever, at least I'm blogging about it eventually. This is Freddy's stepbrother, Edison and his wife and son, Javier. They came from Pheonix for Javier's birthday to celebrate it with us. It's always nice to see them--we're planning to go out to Phoenix to visit them (they always come to see us).

2. Monica had a birthday. We went to a Brazilian Churrascaria to celebrate and it was delicious! Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law!

3. We've been having fun Family Home Evenings with the Pardos, Isis, and the missionaries! I always look forward to Sunday night when we go over to the Pardos' house and have dinner, dessert, a lesson, and games! Fun!

4. We've been lucky! Our ward had a super fun western activity a couple of weeks ago! I had so much fun at it and the best part was when Freddy entered a game to guess the number of whatevers in the jar-- AND WON!!! He won two tickets to Friday's Dodger game!! We had a blast!! It was a little chilly and we only lost by like 10 runs, but we enjoyed it!!
And that's pretty much it!! We also went to G&G's (Grandma and Grandpa's) house today to watch the Afternoon Session of General Conference today. Uncle Gary and Aunt Marlene were there too! It was fun to see them and get the update on all of their kids and grandkids. And of course G&G were fun. Last night I went there to hang out with the girls during Priesthood session. Afterward we had cauliflower soup for dinner (Yum!) and celebrated Grandpa's 85th birthday! His words of advice for getting to age 85, "Oh... just hang on!" :)
And now we're about to finish up watching Madagasgar 2- cute so far, but we were getting too tired to keep watching last night!! ...And that's the update for now!!


  1. SO fun to hear what you guys are up to!!!! Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1. Good job for blogging.
    2. Even Sarah blogs more than you.