Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freddy's Bike Ride and More

Recently, Freddy went on a little bike ride with some friends. :)

They rode from Josh Peck's house, in Corona, to the Huntington Beach Pier. Supposedly it was going to be 20 miles... then it was actually 25 miles.. and it ACTUALLY ended up being just over 30 miles. Boy was that a surprise for tired bikers. :)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the bike ride for some reason--- and ended up as a driver. Again. (I'm sure we all remember my role in the Grand Canyon hike...). BUT! Freddy was a great sport and took pictures all along the way so that it FELT like I was riding right along with him.
Here are some pictures from all the fun they had!
All the bikers getting ready... Freddy's bike had a flat before they even STARTED. Thank goodness for who ever brought the spare tube for Freddy.

Freddy and Ryan Peck together.

Freddy and Allison Constantino. For some reason, I was under the impression that everyone was SUPPOSED to wear yellow or a neon color, so I got Freddy's Ecuador jersey out for him. As it turned out that was NOT a requirement. But Allison was like, "That's okay, we ALWAYS knew where Freddy was!"
So they rode ALMOST all the way--- I guess someone got a flat tire about 3 miles from the pier and they had already gone over 30 miles. They were ready to be done, so we drove and picked them up. But they did make it to the beach-- we had just planned to meet at the pier and their trail came out a few miles south. Great job anyways, guys!! Everyone was SO exhausted from the ride.. Several of the riders decided that before their next ride they would buy more comfortable bike seats. :)
This past Saturday we went out to a Turkey Fry that Stephanie and Laz hosted! Parking was AWFUL and finally I just called Steph to see if she knew of any places to park and what not. As it turned out, we got to park in the DRIVEWAY because I had special pregnancy privilages. SWEEET! We don't have any pictures because we weren't the ones with the camera, but we DID have fun! And guess what? Laz makes SUUUUPER good potato salad! Who knew?!? Only down side is that I have yet to get the recipe. Booo... Also, you'd think that FRIED turkey would be gross because like, c'mon, it's fried. But NO-- it's waaayyyy moist and juicy instead of the often dry bird that results from sitting in an oven all day. Overall, we ate a lot and enjoyed our time with Steph, her BF Laz, and all their friends! :)
After THAT, we went back to make it to a birthday party for a good friend-- Suzie Pardo's son, Jared. Happy 8th Birthday, Jared!!! And guess where it was? Oh, only the best place ever-- CHUCK E. CHEESE!!! On the down side, we got there like seriously as everyone was leaving. Oops. But on the up side, we still stayed for like 4 hours and played tons of games! Suuuuper fun!
Here's Freddy playing the football throwing game (which he was wayyyy good at) and Maria, Tiny, and Brandon watching in awe. :) Later that night Freddy won the jackpot on the basketball game-- YAY FREDDY!!! We were suuuuper impressed.
And this is the game that Freddy is SOOO good at. The one where the bulbs light up one by one in a line (super fast) and you have to press it right when it gets to the right one. He pretty much has cat-like reflexes. Everytime we go he wins the jackpot on this game. It's basically like a guaranteed win. :) Yeah, we had tons of fun at Chuck E. Cheese.. and we got all sorts of great prizes with all our tickets.

And here we have a picture of me pregnant. :) This was actually two weeks ago-- but I kept forgetting to post it. Unfortunately it's pretty blurry... it was after church (and it was almost our turn to go in for our temple recommend renewal interviews that we were waiting for..) We'll have to take more and post them soon. Afterall, there's only two months left until we'll be posting pictures of an actual baby instead of just a bump!


  1. Awwwww...

    1. I love when you blog.
    2. I wish you were blogging about doing things with Mitch and I.
    3. When are you coming to visit us?
    4. How about this weekend?

  2. Tracy, you look so cute!!! I can't wait to see your baby!!!