Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary!

Tuesday was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!!

So to celebrate, we spent Saturday on Catalina Island!

It was so, so beautiful and we had a blast! Our boat ride (about an hour and ten minutes) left at 11:30 am, so we got there at about a quarter to 1pm.

We first went on an hour long tour of Avalon (so that we could get to know the area a little better and know what we wanted to spend our time seeing).
Following that we had these HUGE burritos for lunch from a little restaurant. Mmmm... Then we went on a glass bottom boat ride!

And actually, the it's not the whole bottom that's glass, like I pictured-- it's only certain parts of the boat that have the glass bottom.
Still very cool though.

After that, we walked over to their casino (that doesn't have any gambling) and museum-- only to find that they were both already closed for the day. Bummer.
Instead we went and shared an ice cream cone and then laid down on the beach for awhile. The weather was absolutely perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery!! Later that evening we went and did a little shopping--I got a cute, pink Catalina jacket. Also, I was suuuuper thirsty and finally found a water fountain. Buuuut, it was at the wrong height-- where, because I was pregnant, I couldn't bend in half to drink from it. Freddy thought it was wayyy funny. I thought I was still really thirsty.
After that we were pretty beat, so we just walked around and waited for our boat to leave (at 9:15pm). We got back to the mainland (that's what everyone over there calls it) at about 10:30pm. We even got escorted to the dock by the LAPD Boat Division-- while we were getting off we saw some guy being arrested! We were SO curious, but never found out what had happened.

Then, on Tuesday, our REAL anniversary, obviously most of the day was taken up with work and what not. But in the evening we went to the park for a delicious picnic dinner. Then once it got cold outside we went to the mall and walked around for a little while. It was really nice to just spend some time together, talking and enjoying the day. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Has it really been two years?!! WOW!!! Congrats!!!! And your pregnant!!!!! You look ADORABLE!!!! I still can't believe it! Wish we lived closer so it seemed more "real" to me!!!!!! LOVE YOU!