Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Madness

So far March is proving to be a very busy month... And we're only a week into it.

I'm at the school library while Freddy does school work and I don't have any way to add pictures to my post. Super lame.

Yesterday was Freddy and my Anniver! Our anniversary is September 8th, so March 8th is our Anniver! :) That's 2 1/2 years already... Time just flies by when every day is with your best friend.

This past weekend Freddy helped at the annual Irish Festival held at the LA Fairgrounds. My mom and Jason went along to help too. I'm sure they had a blast working all weekend-- being on their feet all day and having to talk to anyone that would listen. Sounds like endless fun to me! :-/ (And this year they didn't even have to elephant in the parade. Why even go if the elephant isn't going to be there.)

Anyway, it made for a pretty uneventful weekend for me though. I actually just spent the weekend with my little brother, Brandon. Poor kid-- it was more like he had to tag along on all my boring errands... and they were boring. We have a Camry that was affected by the Toyota recall. Consequently, as soon as we got our letter asking us to come have repairs made we called to schedule an appointment. The dealership employee made it sound like their Saturday was completely free and if I were to come in right now, I'd be out in NO TIME! Well, I should have known better. Everytime I deal with the Glendora Toyota dealership I leave wishing I hadn't even bothered going. What we thought would be a 2 hour waiting period for the repairs to be done turned out to be an ALLLLL DAY waiting game. Wait 10-15 minutes for the shuttle to pick you up to take you back home (actual time-- 2 hours). Wait at home for their should-be-any-time-now call (another 2 hours). Pick up the car-- wait 2 minutes for them to bring it out (another half hour). It took all day long. AND our other car was at the mechanic's to get the spark plugs changed, so that doubled the amount of weekend time taken up by cars. However, I love having working cars and I know that this is alll part of being a car owner. :)

As a side note, while we were waiting for the shuttle, a little 4? year old girl came up with her mom and saw Nathan. Then this was the conversation that followed:

Little girl: "Ohhh he's so cute... I like his pajamas... Mom? I want a baby..."
LG's Mom: "Okay honey, maybe when you're older... and married."
LG: "I want three of them..."
Mom: "Oh? You're going to be a very busy mommy!"
LG as they were walking away: "I want one of those... Mom? Will you buy me one of those? Will you buy me a baby?" ....Lol.

B and I also got to go grocery shopping (ooooo), buy a new straightener for me (ahhhhh), and stop at Walmart (wow!). Like I told you, they were boring errands.

Next-- my sister, Emily, is getting married in less than two weeks. And I'm flying up for it!! Yay! I really am excited-- and a little nervous to be flying with a 4 month old. (If anyone in Utah has a rear-facing infant car seat we could borrow, please let me know!) But all in all, I'm really excited to go up and see my sistas. :) ANNND Jessica is planning a VIP Craft Night so that I can play too! FUN!

Everyone is going to be so amazed by how quickly Nathan is growing! The last time anyone saw him was when he was... 6 weeks? And now he's 4 months. Yeah.

I have to say, one of the things I'm most excited for (after my sister's wedding and seeing my family) is going to Texas Roadhouse!! That is without a doubt my FAVORITE restaurant and for some silly reason they don't have any in Southern California. I've been thinking about it for weeks and now it's only a matter of time. :)

Anyway... Freddy's still homework-ing, but I think I've kind of run out of things to blog about. And no one ever really likes to read a post that doesn't even have any pictures. So I'll end it for now and my next post will probably be about all the fun I'm having in Utah!

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  1. I LOVE when you blog!

    Hooray for you coming to Utah!