Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm at my in-laws again today, so naturally, it's time to blog. With so much going on, March seemed to be such a promising month for blogging frequently. Instead, I just ended up with a thousand things to blog about, come March 31st. Bummer.

Gotta hurry, since Nathan is with his Grandma (or well, Abuelita) and starting to fuss.
First of all (which is actually last of all, but I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, and it's not worth it to change it all), we got Nathan a little plush soccer ball! Freddy's so proud. :) Here's Nathan learning how to play-- from the best! :)
Also, the other day we were driving to Walnut and all the sudden the low tire pressure light came on. What do you know? Flat tire. It was the BEST!!! Really! It was such a reminder of why I married Freddy. Some people really get frustrated or mad when something like a flat tire happens, but Freddy was so excited! It was his first time changing a tire all by himself, and what a great job he did! He had SUCH a good attitude about the whole thing, which made it easier on all of us. I was SO proud of him. :)

But it sure was messy! Look at those dirty hands! Freddy really kept such a positive perspective-- at least it didn't happen yesterday on the drive back from Utah.... We're lucky it was a tire still under warranty.... Good thing it was in broad daylight and not at night! It was really a fun family activity, surprisingly. :) While we waited for it to be repaired we even got ice cream cones! We should get flat tires every week! ;-)And here we have Nathan and I helping on the side lines. (Oh-- and it turned out to be like a razor blade or maybe even a prison shank embedded in our poor tire!) We also just had the opportunity to go up to Utah for Emily and Jeff's wedding! Yay! Nathan and I flew-- his first time (and he was SO good the whole time) and Freddy drove up with my Mom and brothers. It worked out pretty well. We had tons of fun up there with all our (my) family! Here we are outside the Jordan River Temple, after the wedding. (And that's my brother, Tyler's, best attempt at "make sure it's straight." :-) )
And here we have Nathan's first driving lesson (sorta.)
And finally, Nathan and Freddy eating oranges (well- Freddy was the only one eating oranges).
But they sure do look cute together! Nathan really loves his Dad-- his face lights up every time he sees him. And that's pretty much everything (or at least everything I have time to blog about)! Go me for actually blogging--- it's almost like Visiting Teaching... sometimes I just try to squeeze it in by the end of the month just to count the numbers. :)

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