Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Call Them PRIDE and JOY!

Over the years, I have certainly put in my time at the laundromat. Whether at a community laundry room at an apartment complex (that you still have to walk to whether it's sunny or mid-blizzard) or driving to a laundromat and spending ALLLL DAYYYY LONG doing laundry (while holding/entertaining a baby). Bottom line--I've done my time and I hope to never have to ever, ever again. BEEECAAAUSE.....

Dun da-da-dun!!!!!!

We've rightfully named them Pride and Joy. They took me longer than nine months to get, so I feel that they truly deserve to be considered part of the family unit. :)
Also, when we were in Paramount, our neighbor Max (who so kindly let us know--upon moving in--that we would watch out for each other and that he had our backs) offered us a washer for $30. Sweet! So we took it and... it was this bad boy...And I used it every so often... But here's the deal, when you have a washer, but no dryer, you still have to go to the laundromat to dry the clothes. And when you go as only a dryer you're like the laundromat owner's worst enemy. Every laundromat has signs clearly posted that say, "DRYERS ARE FOR WASHING CUSTOMERS ONLY!!!!!!" (Seriously, with like, twelve exclamation points, that's how much they hate people coming in only to dry). So I kind of ran out of laundromats to go to with wet clothes, hurry and start my dryers, and then innocently plead that I didn't know that was the rule.... :( But once you do that once, you have to find a new laundromat for next time. Annnyway, so this is the thing--we got our amazing washer and dryer (and they really are amazing) on clearance (yessss!) and beyond that (!!!) we had an old energy-UNefficient washer to trade in for the Cash for Appliances government rebate program too! SO! We paid $30 for a washer that gives us $100 back in a rebate (you do the math!!)! Sweeeet!

And lastly, if you remember, Nathan is always so intrigued by spinning dryers. Well, now both our washer and dryer spin. So we sat and watched the washer do it's first cycle (just for fun)... and this is what Nathan got out of it---
He totally fell asleep watching it spin--- SO cute!
Anyway... a nice, warm welcome to our newest family members!

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  1. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so cute with Nathan!!!!! I love how little babies get so intrigued by that kind of stuff!!! What am I saying?! I still do! HE HE HE!