Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pre-Memorial Day Fun

I figured I'd better hurry up and blog before I get any more behind. SO!
Memorial Day weekend was tons of fun! On Saturday, Freddy's parents and grandma came over to visit! We decided it was a great day to head over to the swimming pool! Yay!
Exccccept that that morning we had like a tornado outside. It was suuuper windy and our poor pool, which is usually crystal clear, had about a billion leaves in it. Laaame. So! We got crafty and Freddy went back to our apartment and brought back our strainer. The pool would have been way too hard to clean and it wasn't very warm anyway, but the spa was perfect and well worth our time! So, here we have pictures of us enjoying the spa.
First, a picture of Freddy and I-- finally. Here's Nathan with Pepe and Monica, my in-laws. In this picture I'm pretty sure Nathan was busy eyeing his toy turtle... And that's Nathan's little, wrinkly foot after being in the spa for a while. :) Cute...This is one of Nathan's very favorite places to be--sitting on his Daddy's shoulders.
And I know this family picture is pretty awful (in regards to us being ready to take the picture), but it's the best one we had of us as a family, so I had to add it.Then it was time to go back home to watch the Laker game and start our barbeque.Nathan was so tired and relaxed from being in the spa. It was so adorable how he just rested his head on Freddy's shoulders as we walked home. :)

All in all it was a great day... The Lakers won and our barbeque was delicious! What a fun day with the family!

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