Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Weekend, Part 2: Dragon Boat Races

On Saturday, we went out to Tempe, right across from ASU, to watch the annual Dragon Boat Races. It was pretty incredible! Several of the teams were comprised of cancer survivors and their families...
And Nathan really, really wanted me to let him play in the water.
Who will win!? (You can see the ASU stadium in the background).
Nathan, look! Nathan... Nathan! NATHAN LOOK! {Rolls eyes.}

And, it was suuuper windy by the water.. hence, the hair. :\
We didn't stay for all the races-- they had like, oh forty-five or so just that day. But we did see enough to feel like it was worthy of posting on our blog. And that's plenty. (I just wished that we could have rowed with them. I was like, hey--- I want to play too.) And that's dragon boat racing. :)

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