Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Weekend, Part 1: Let's PLAY BALL!

To start off our Fun Filled Family Weekend of Adventure, we went to watch the Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies at Camelback Ranch, here in Glendale! Spring training goes on all of March, so I'm sure we'll be coming to more games in years to come, too. :)
The complex is suuuuper nice--- you'd have no idea you were in a hot, desert wasteland. ;-) And the game was that much better because the tickets were freeeeee! (My kind of pricing!)
We had to keep a close eye on Nathan though-- he kept wanting to throw his baseball onto the field. That's a one way ticket outtttta there.
Nathan and Freddy had tons of fun playing around...
It was a beautiful day to go watch a baseball game!
And the sun finally got to him-- he was out!And here we are leaving during the 8th inning because we were losing 0-5. Seemed like a good idea to beat the traffic out of the parking lot, right? Later that night I heard Freddy in the other room on the computer, "NO WAY!! You have GOT to be KIDDING me?!" Turned out the Dodgers WON, 7-5! They got SEVEN runs, all in the ninth inning. Boy, did we learn our lesson!
Fun day at the baseball game-- and the weekend was only beginning!

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