Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Are We Skipping Winter?

I'm sure every single one of you was concerned about the weather in Rexburg, Idaho. And to make sure each of you is aware, no, it is NOT snowing yet! How amazing is that?! For those of you that haven't been to Rexburg, please be aware that every year in the history of Rexburg, it has snowed on Halloween and somewhat regularly after that point. This year, we have a drought. I'm sure the farmers out there are sweating worried about their crops next year, but I, I am thankful that my prayers are heard.
Then I got to thinking. What if we skipped winter this year? I'm sure it's almost impossible, but just marinade in that thought for a minute. The weather here really is almost spring like, and it would be pretty nice if we just all together didn't bother with the snow and ice that inevitably comes each year. I've included a picture of the temple from last year--- mid December. It's not worth it I'm telling you.
I wish weather was a majority vote. I wish we would just have a daily or weekly ballot of how the weather should be for the day. Maybe we could have mandatory rainy days and mandatory snowy days, just so that we don't forget the beauty of different weather-- because I'm sure the majority would come out with sunny 72 degrees everyday.

Regardless. You have to admit. It would be nice. I think, anyway.

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