Saturday, July 28, 2012

CA: Lunch with Dad

Next in CA (which, might I add, was a rather quick-packed-crunched-for-time trip) we went to have lunch with my Dad.  And what better place than In-N-Out? 
All the boys!*
Funny story: so my dad called me a few minutes before we arrived, wanting to take our order-- so I'm shouting out each of our orders.. Freddy wants a number one with grilled onions and a lemon up to drink. (Lemon up-- that was tricky to explain over the phone-- "Seven up?" "No, lemon up-- it's lemonade with seven up." "So you want seven up, right?") Tracy wants a cheeseburger with grilled onions, fries, and a cup of water. Jason wants (I forget-- something like...) a double-double with no onions, extra tomato, and extra sauce, fries, and a lemon up. Anyway, so we get the order in and then finally arrive. And then Dad's like, "Oh, I didn't realize Jason was coming--- did we order anything for him??"  I guess "Jason's order" sounded like "Nathan's order" over the phone. I just laughed.. I bet it was pretty funny to hear that a two year old wanted a double-double with such specific requests.  Ha! 

Freddy and I together. :)
Dad brought a surprise for Nathan-- a soccer ball!!! Nathan definitely wouldn't have finished a double-double with this kind of distraction rolling around! ;)

Dad and I. :)
And with Nathan, too! :)
It was fun to get to see Dad, even if it was just for a couple hours or so. (Like I said, it was a fast-paced trip, so each person only got a little bit of time, if that.) Lunch was delicious, of course-- but made better by good company to enjoy it with. :)  Thanks, Dad!

*Now, this is silly, but every single time I look at this picture, my first thought is that my Dad's middle finger is up. It's not. When we first arrived, he was on the phone-- but I wanted a picture, so he posed real quick, mid-ending-a-phone-call. And it doesn't help that the almost-flesh-colored table in the distance is strategically placed right behind his hand. Sighhh.. Whoops!


  1. My, what a big appetite Nathan has! Too funny - I laughed aloud! Thanks!

    (And, initially, that's what I thought was happening in the first picture, too. OOPS!)

  2. Before I got to the end of the post and read the * comment, I was going to comment about that too! I actually clicked on the picture to see it bigger, because I thought it looked like Dad was flipping us off. But then I realized it was the table behind him. Funny!