Friday, July 27, 2012

CA: Steph and Allying.

So, back at the end of June, we had a friend's wedding to attend in California, and it gave us the best excuse to drive out there! We hadn't been to CA for, oh, about 9 months, so it was nice to see everyone again.
One of the most important trips was to go see Stephanie and her new baby girl, my new niece, Allyn. 
And guess what? She's cute. Really cute.
I kept joking with Steph that she could just buckle Ally's car seat in our back seat and we'd just take her home with us! (She didn't think I was serious. I was trying to convince myself that I was joking.)
Mom and Jason also joined us-- since this was the only chance Mom would have to visit with us and see Nathan before she headed up to UT. And Jason was there because we were kidnapping him hiring him as our official babysitter for the next few days.
Nathan wasn't too interested in Ally (mostly he was just concerned that it looked like I had a new baby to replace him), but this is a funny picture, I think. He was just checking her out. 
Aww, cousins. :)
Ally and I bonding. I like her.
Nathan and Grandma Lyons. :)
They're bonding while discussing the Iron Man toy. No better way with Nathan! Way to play to the judge, Mom!
And Steph and Ally with Freddy and Jason. 
Fun, right?! I like Stephanie, and she's even more fun now that she has a little baby. It was great to be able to spend a few hours together! :)

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  1. Lesson learned from numerous games of Apple to Apples: play to the judge! Best. Strategy. Ever.