Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Had a Birthday; Shout Hooray!

Okay, let's back track for a minute here. Let's see--- before Father's Day but after swim lessons, (or well, during), I had a birthday, so let's touch on that for a minute. It was on a week day, so Freddy had work in the morning, and Nathan and I had swim lessons. Then later in the evening we went out to an Italian restaurant in downtown Glendale with my in laws. 

For my birthday present, Freddy got me the camera that I had been drooling over, so these are a few snapshots of me learning how to use my new camera.

We all shared pizza and lasagna-- both were delicious!
Freddy and I on my 24th birthday! :)

And this is what Nathan was doing, pretty much the entire time. Lining up his superheroes.

 Afterward, we actually drove out to Northern Scottsdale, because I had requested a tour of Freddy's new hotel (At that point he had just been promoted to his new property, and I hadn't seen it yet.) (Also, if he didn't go back that night to finish the schedule, he would have had to wake up suuuuuper early the next morning to go in and do it. I had been wanting to see the new place, anyway, so we made a night out of it, and he just took a few minutes in his office to finish up some paperwork.). So we all drove together and got a tour. 
After we took his parents home, and put Nathan to bed, we watched a movie together and ate warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream on top. Pazookies. Or snookies. Or whatever you want to call them. I just call them delicious. And that ends the birthday fun! :)

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