Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nathan Gets Some Shots! Ouch!*

Here's little N with Moosey. Nathan's latest thing is sucking on his bottom lip-- like this. It's pretty cute. :)
Anyway, on Wednesday, Nathan went to the pediatrician to get his first shots! I was really worried that he would waaaail. But nope! What a tough kid. He had to drink one and did, and then made a disgusted face, heh.
Then he had three shots, all in his thighs...
The first one, he just kinda looked up at me. The second one he kinda cried out, but never cried. And then the third one was pretty quick and he was just kinda confused, not sure what to think or do. :/

But there are his battle scars. They said to expect him to get a fever and to be really fussy over the next few days. I think Wednesday night he was a little bit fussier, but he's generally a very good natured kid, so it still wasn't much. Also, he does not like the taste of the Tylenol they gave him--- cherry flavored or not, it still doesn't taste like milk. :) What a good kid though.
We like him!
Also, he's now (as of last Wednesday) 19 lbs even and 25 1/2 inches long! He's in the 85th percentile for his age... Healthy boy!
*Also, I know I said I'd make an effort to make our blog more about F and me, but as it turns out, there's not much to blog about us... so... :/
Next time we get shots or something I'll make sure to make a note. :P


  1. Sooo cute how he sucks his bottom lip! He is just the darlingest little thing. I am glad that he was not too fussy for you after shots. I am pretty sure he weighs as much as Mia. Gotta love those healthy babies!

  2. Uh... Who the heck is Moosey? And where's Billy?