Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Fun for Nathan

Yay for blogging!! (Also, my in laws are really enjoying us visiting more often now..) Just thought I'd post some pictures since I'm here. Also, I've noticed that even though our blog is http://freddyandtracy... it seems more like it's all about Nathan, these days. After today I'm going to make a better effort of the blog being more about Freddy and I, as well as Nathan-- instead of all about the cute, little kid. But bear with me for today. :)

This is Nathan and Freddy together--and Freddy is so proud. With the NBA Playoffs just under two weeks away, Freddy's preparing for them in every way. :) Freddy walked up to the Laker section and Nathan just grabbed the t-shirt (keep in mind that he grabs at everything, but still-- )!!
And here we have Nathan practicing his soccer moves. The World Cup is coming up too! Nathan has to be ready!
And you can't always be playing around... so here's the little guy taking a break from all his hard work.
And this was at the library the other day. We were reading books together. :) Our favorite of the day was Little Gorilla. "And everybody loved Little Gorilla..." If you haven't read it, you should.
And this is just him sitting in his car seat. Nothing really special or anything, just cute. :)
So there's nothing really new in our lives, that I can think of anyway-- but we're still alive and well! And hooray for me blogging more often than ever before. Jessica will be so proud of me. :)


  1. He is SUPER adorable!!!! I love getting to catch up with you! Love you!!!

  2. I AM proud of you! Super proud!