Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Back on April 12th, my grandma had her right (terribly arthritic) hip replaced! And now she has a brand new one!

So, recovery is tough... really, really tough. She's in a rehab center now, out of the hospital, so that's progress.

Yesterday I went and picked up my grandpa and took him to visit her. It was really cute-- I called him to let him know I was on my way over and this is how it went:
"Hey Grandpa, it's Tracy!"
"Hi there!"
"I was just wondering if you wanted to come with me today to visit Grandma?"
"I would love to go out there today."
(There was more to our conversation, but I just thought it was really cute how excited he was to go see his sweetheart.)

As soon as they were next to each other they were instantly holding hands. It was like magnets. It was so cute. :)

Annnnnyway... you're probably wondering why in the world my post isn't titled Grandma or something. WELL. Her roommate is Sally Jackson. And Sally Jackson is NUTS!

Just a few examples:

1. The nursing staff took away her call button because she was abusing its purpose. While we were there she pulled out some sort of monitor that caused a shrieking alarm to go off. When the nurse frantically arrived, she said that she was sorry to do that, but no one was listening to her. Several times she asked me to press my grandma's call button so the nurse would come for her.

2. She kept calling out, "HELP! HELP! Call the police! Call my lawyer--- Mr. Munther, I mean, er, Gunther!.... Somebody! Anybody!! Help me!!" When someone came, she couldn't remember what it was she needed. Oh right, her pills (she calls them her pass out pills because she thinks they might be helping her sleep, but she's not really sure what they're actually for). No, Sally, you already took your pills... But, but! Someone told me I could have more any time I wanted! No Sally, you have to wait eight hours, until bed time.

3. The next time she called out, she meant business. "SALLY JACKSON WANTS JUSTICE!!" Then she started getting up. My grandma saw her and was like, "Oh and now she's going to get up and she's not supposed to."

4. Right when we got there, my grandpa was barely saying hi to Grandma, not having seen her in two days. And she snapped at us, "Now that's enough discussion!" Ha! Ooookay!

5. She also made me get up and clean off her bed side table because it looked like a mess in her peripheral vision-- it was distracting her from reading.

This woman is NUTS and it's HILARIOUS. My last and final example was the funniest.

6. She's still calling out, okay? And some young guy that's passing out the dinner meals hears her as he's passing. He takes one step toward her door to help her, and his coworker along with Sally's nurse are both like, "Wait!!! No, no, no!! Don't go in there!!! Noooo!" Lol. Luckily they were there to warn him.

Poor Grandma, I don't know how she got stuck with Sally Jackson. Hopefully Grandma or Sally recovers quickly and goes home soon!

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