Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Memorial Day EVER!

Sunday night Freddy and I were planning for Memorial Day. I was pleading my case that we had to do something, after all, it's Memorial Day!!! Maybe we could go to the beach? No.. everyone will be at the beach. Maybe we could go to Disneyland? Six Flags? No... everyone will be at Disneyland or Six Flags..
So! We ended up having the BEST MEMORIAL DAY EVER!
First, we woke up and went on a walk. It ended up being the longest walk ever. Not that we were lost, we just couldn't find a street that connected back to where we wanted to end up. It ended up lasting almost an hour and a half, but it was fun!
Then, we went to Walmart to do some shopping and get some groceries. We also ended up finding new swimming trunks for Freddy and a matching shirt, too. It took longer than we thought, so we split a Subway sandwich (the Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich is the BEST!)
Then! We came home and watched a couple episodes of my new favorite game show, the Newlywed Game. Freddy and I always get out a note card and pen and we play too-- answering the questions and then trying to match each other's answers. (And we almost always get better scores than the actual contestants, too!) It's SO much fun!
After that we went over to the pool to go swimming and ended up spending most of the time in the spa instead.
We came home and had barbecued cheeseburgers that were SO delicious! Probably the best ones I've ever made...
After dinner we went and played tennis at the tennis courts just outside our apartment. It was SO much fun! We're still learning, but it was the perfect weather outside. Nathan sat in his stroller playing with toys right at the net... he was our line judge. :)
After tennis we came home and had ice cream cones--obviously delicious. And we ended the night with watching a movie together-- 2012. It was pretty good, but the more important thing was that we had enjoyed such a wonderful day together as a family. Of course we spend time together often, but it's not every day where we get to spend the entire day with one another. We felt like we'd gotten so much accomplished and yet had such an enjoyable day at the same time (and the best part was that we didn't even really spend money to do it-- sure, grocery shopping, but we would have done that anyway... I mean, like it's not like we went to an amusement park or something).
That's going to be a memorable Memorial Day, for sure!

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