Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tracy!

For my birthday, Freddy surprised me with tickets to the Lion King, the musical! Fun!! I didn't even know it was in town (and they really aren't-- they're only here in Costa Mesa for a week). So last night, we dropped off Nathan at Freddy's parents' house and took off for our very first time leaving him for that long (so far the longest has been like an hour and a half--for Emily's wedding). And off we went! There was NO traffic at all (amazing!) and so we got there in perrrrfect timing! Here we are just before heading into the theater.
Wow. It was amazing!! We both loved it! My favorites were the stilt giraffes, the elephant, the cheetah, the antelope... actually, I loved all of it!
Here's Zazu-- he was GOOD... I was really impressed with how well they played him.And there's Simba and Nala all grown up... awww how sweet. :)I was really impressed with how they did the wildebeest stampede-- that was incredible! Overall, it was an excellent show and so much fun to be at! Afterwards we raced back to Monica's to find our little boy just as content as ever! Whew! He wouldn't take a bottle with milk for him, so they just gave him whatever of the pureed pear he would eat. As you can imagine, he was glad to see us, but was doing just fine with Grandma! What a relief! I think we were worse off than he was-- we missed him! Thank you to my wonderful husband for planning such a fun night for the two of us!

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