Friday, June 25, 2010

Freddy's First Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Freddy!!! I was so excited for Father's Day this year, obviously because it was Freddy's very first one. And if anyone deserves to be recognized as a great father, it's Freddy. More on that later, but first-- a run down of Sunday's events.
12:01 am, Sunday morning-- Wished Freddy a HAPPY FATHER'S DAYYYYY!
12:02 am, Freddy opens his presents. He got a new game for his PS3-- FIFA World Cup 2010! He also got couple nice collared shirts for work-- in lavender and wine. And finally a mix CD (Appropriately named "WHO'S YA DADDY MIX- Father's Day 2010") of all sorts of his favorite songs. :) He loved them all, but his new game most.
After church on Sunday we drove out to Moreno Valley to Freddy's cousin, Belen's, house to a family get together. We had a BBQ, which was delicious, and also Skyped with some relatives in Ecuador.
I liked the two kitties and wanted to play with them! Except, I wanted to play a cuddling/petting game and they wanted to play a scratching/biting game. :/ We ended up playing their game. :(
Nathan wasn't too excited about the cats. His favorite part was the huge, plush dog in the second bedroom. He liked it a lot.This was our first time going to Belen's new house and it was beautiful! We had a lot of fun together and enjoyed catching up with relatives. Most of them hadn't seen Nathan since Christmas and were amazed with how much he's grown! Here we are sitting on the couch Skyping with Ecuador...Freddy and Nathan singing together... it sounds something like-- "AaaaahhaaaAAAAaaaahh!" How nice... After that we went back home and relaxed the rest of the evening. It was a really nice day and we enjoyed spending time with our family.

And I just wanted to take a second to say how lucky I am to have Freddy as a husband! He's an incredible spouse and blew me away with what a great dad he is to Nathan. Freddy always loves to play with Nathan every chance he gets. The way Nathan's eyes light up and the huge grin he gets on his face are proof of just how much Freddy means to him. I'm so thankful for Freddy's commitment to fatherhood and how well he takes on the responsibility. And it's especially amazing how Freddy never had younger siblings to take care of or even a dad in his life as a role model. Yet he's broken the mold and stuns me with how naturally it all comes to him. :) I really am so grateful for him and I hope he enjoyed his very first Father's Day (one of many to come)!


  1. MY kitties play cuddling/petting games. They also love purring/sleeping games. You should come play with them!

    Also, I like Nathan's song.

  2. That's so fun!!!!!!!!!! I still can't wait to someday get to know Freddy better!!!! What fun!