Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today when Nathan and I went to get the mail, we realized what a nice day we'd been missing by sitting inside! We took a blanket and some toys outside to play and enjoy the sun (except we actually sat in the shade). :) So! Enjoy some of our pictures!
Nathan loves hair. Mainly pulling it. So here you can see that while I was like, "Nathan!! Look at the camera! Nathan!!" He was more like, "Oooo, hair!" :/Also, it's funny how true it is about kids liking the simplest things. For example, Nathan has like a thousand toys to choose from and what are his favorites? He really likes the Tylenol (he chews on that little squeezy top on the infant drops) and the Desitin. {Rolls eyes.} Whatever. {Shrug.}Oh yeah, also I was planning on changing his outfit (i.e. I had taken his old outfit off) but he was kind of enjoying not wearing clothes. Also, putting on clothes is Nathan's absolute least favorite thing to do.And these ones, once I finally did get him dressed, were just super cute (I thought.).
I love being outside! And Nathan does too! Our apartment complex has such nice common grounds; it's just so relaxing to walk around and enjoy all this beautiful, California weather. :)


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE his arms!!!!!! I love baby rolls!!! I wish our apartment had a grass area!!!! You are soooo lucky! Love you!

  2. And very soon, I will be enjoying that California weather with you! (: