Friday, July 9, 2010

Apartment Gardening: Not as Easy as it Looks

I've always dreamed of having a thriving garden to rave and rave about. Unfortunately, that probably isn't the case with this year's garden, but it is a step in the right direction. It's not easy having a garden when all you have is a concrete patio, but we're making it work!
First, we have my herb garden:These are complements of Stephanie, my sister. For our Secret Sister exchange from Christmas last year she gave me the herb garden I wanted (or at least promised that we'd make it eventually). So she surprised me a couple months ago with these cute, labeled pots. Some of them are dead, yes. But that's only because they were already dead by the time I realized that outside was too hot for them. I was hoping that once they came into our SecondBedroomOfficeCraftRoomGuestBedroom they would revive, but unfortunately that is not the case. And also, the cilantro, which looks the worst (and really makes me look like a terrible, terrible gardener), is that way because I think I harvested too much at once and it just couldn't recover. And you know, I even used Miracle Grow potting soil hoping that they would GROW instead of just grow, but :/ meh. I'm still learning how to have a green thumb. (And the one that's not in a pot is oregano, which is actually growing quite well, but I still need to pot it in a red pot..) Moving on...
Then we have our tomatoes! (Ta daaaaaaa!)
We'll see how well they grow. :/ Right now my problem is that I have no where to hang them... So they're tied to the fencing part of our patio, but the actual leaves and tomato plants are blocked from the sun. They've been growing every which way, trying to reach some sunlight. Also, they've been growing through the fence, (which is fine-ish for now) but secretly I worry that maybe some neighbors just might harvest my tomatoes if they see delicious, red, ripe tomatoes. Maybe they won't, but I'd rather not tempt them. :/ This weekend maybe we'll go to Lowe's and see if they have any sort of upside-down tomato plant holder type-thing.

But! The middle plant has some sort of growth on it! I say that because it had flowers and now there's this, which you would think it's a tomato-- and it might be-- but up close it sorta looks like it's going to open up into a flower like a pumpkin or squash would have. :/ Being an achieved gardener is harder than it looks. :/
Hopefully soon I'll have tons and tons of delicious tomatoes to rave and rave about. (I should probably go water them about now, actually.)

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