Monday, July 12, 2010

Indoor Soccer... for Tracy!

I know, it's a surprise even for me... but it's true! I'm playing on an indoor soccer team on Monday nights! Normally, I'm a really good spectator... and just that. Not a player. Ever. But not anymore! :)
Today was our second game (I missed the first one because I just joined a few days ago..) And it is SO MUCH FUN! We won, 7-3, which was such a relief-- I was so worried that I would be the one to make us lose or something, but we did really well! And Freddy and Nathan were on the side lines cheering for me! How nice.. :)
It was also Tiffany's 20th birthday (Happy Birthday, Tiff!) So, afterwards we went back to the car where Maria had a surprise cake for her. Yay! Our team color is purple and I was like, "Uhh... the only purple shirt I have is my Chuck E. Cheese shirt. :/" And Tiny was like, "Oh that's okay! I wear my Princess Jasmine shirt!" Whew! So we looked great out there after all. Yay for Team Crush (that's our name because we crush our opponents... theoretically, anyway). And yay for Maria and Tiny convincing me to play! And yay for Freddy taking the time to teach me some cool moves (or even just the basics...). :D


  1. Tracy!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!! And makes me wish even more that we lived near each other!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!