Saturday, July 17, 2010


(This has been a draft waiting to be published for like, over a week and a half. It had a video to go along with it, but it was taking foooorrrrreverrrr to finish loading. And guess what? I got tired of waiting. So here's the post, withOUT the video instead.)

On Wednesday afternoon, Freddy was sitting at the computer and I was on the floor scrapbooking. Nathan was sitting on the floor a few feet from me playing with his toys, but of course all the things that I had looked a lot more interesting (especially since he's never been allowed to play with all my scrapbooking stuff). All the sudden, he started crawling to get to the scrapbooking papers beside me! Whaaaat? When did you learn to crawl?!
He's been able to manuver for a little while... leaning over this way and that, but he couldn't get his knees to follow his arms. All attempts (which were many) looked more like hand, hand, leeeean... collapse-- instead of hand, hand, knee, knee.

But now, oh boy, this kid is everywhere. I was cleaning up yesterday and he was right behind me every step of the way (unless he was distracted by something that looked like fun to play with-- a.k.a. something I didn't realize was still at baby level, that shouldn't be). Oh next project is getting all those little annoying baby proofing things that make doing anything much, much harder. (You can't just use the plug, first you have to figure out a way to get that dumb, little safety plug out of the plug.)

In the mean time, we're in awe of how quickly Nathan's learning to do things. It really is fun and exciting to see him grow and develop. :)

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