Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun with All My Sisters!

Emily, Jessica (and Mitch), and Sarah all came down from Utah last week! Fun! Now, Mitch is the one with the cool camera, so he took all the pictures, so he has all the pictures. :-/ Which makes it pretty difficult for me to blog about it. But ohhhh well. I'll just use the only ones I have-- from my phone.
So! They all drove down on Wednesday night, stayed in St. George, and then drove the rest of the way Thursday morning. They got to my house just after noon on Thursday. I had been eagerly anticipating their arrival.
A few minutes before they got there I looked at my phone and I had SEVENTEEN new messages! Whoa! Em, Jess, and Sarah all started taking picture messages and bombarding my inbox with pictures of my exit, my street signs, my complex signs, my gate, etc. All to show how close they were getting. :) Before I even had a chance to look at like, three of them--- KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! Hooray!!!
I'll be honest, Nathan was in a bad mood when they got there-- and that was no fun! But Jessica took him with her when they were getting stuff out of the car. Sarah sent me this picture while they were gone. {Shakes head...} Yeah.. that's our fountain in our apartment complex. Sighhhh... But I bet Nathan thoroughly enjoyed it! Then we drove out to my grandparents' house (with a few stops along the way) and we had a Girls' Craft Day to make these blocks! Each of them is slightly different (except Jessica's-- hers are way different because she had a birthday banner that she was trying to match). They're birthday WISH blocks! Fun! This is the order-- from top to bottom-- Jessica's, Stephanie's, Emily's, Tracy's, Sarah's, Mom's. Each one has something that I love how they chose to do it. But the theme of the craft was, "It's your project-- you can do it however you want!" :)
We also took a long hiatus of crafting to attend a performance of Beauty and the Beast put on by the Arcadia Stake. It was very well done, but verrrry long--especially considering that we all had a craft we were waiting to get back to. After the play, at like, 10:30pm, we got back to my Grandma's and decided to just take 20 minutes to finish our crafts and be done, otherwise they'd just sit and be another unfinished project forever. Longest 20 minutes ever. We finally went home just after one-- or got home just after one-- can't remember.. All I remember is how tired I was! But we ended up with a super cute craft and had a great time. That was the first time that all the siblings have been together in a long time!
More to come, because that was just Thursday! :)

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