Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Unwelcome Guest

Yesterday, Nathan and I were cleaning up in the master bedroom and noticed a little friend that had come to hang out with us. A lizard had made it through (or around, or under, or who knows how) the screen door and was just outside the sliding glass door (still, definitely outside though). Later in the day, he had climbed up on the screen door and was showing off his belly, while we were outside watering our tomatoes. What fun we were having together.
Then. At night, (much later, once I'd totally and completely forgotten about our friend) Freddy was hot, so hot he couldn't sleep. I suggested that perhaps he would prefer if the door was open to let some cool air in? He kindly accepted, but just a little bit. We both fell asleep. :)

We'll fast forward to when I was in the shower this morning and Freddy walked into the bathroom. He had come to inform me that our visitor from the previous day had managed to make his way inside our bedroom and had become quite comfortable nestled up with Freddy's clothes from the day before. You see, Freddy didn't need his dirty pants, but they still happened to have Freddy's belt in them, which he did need.

One thought entered my mind: Where are my little brothers when you need them? My brothers used to catch lizards in the backyard and take them (in their pockets) wherever they went (including church-- which led to the ritual of the "Pocket Check" before leaving the van to go into church).

Also as a side note, Freddy isn't scared of anything. He'll kill anything I want him to-- spiders, crickets!!!, and bugs in general. But there is one thing he says he doesn't like, but I have yet to encounter: snakes. And the way I see it, a lizard is just a snake with legs. Thus I was concerned with how he might approach the situation. However, Freddy did not disappoint. Long story short, Freddy kindly led our unwelcome guest back outside where he belongs.

That was our morning adventure today. :)

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  1. LOL!

    This post DID make me think of the boys, but I had forgotten all about pocket checks. How funny. We were such good big sisters.