Thursday, March 15, 2012

BZZzzzzz.. Nathan's Haircut. Wait? WHAT?

So, a couple weeks ago, I was sitting at the computer doing homework and all the sudden heard this conversation coming from the master bathroom. (Something along these lines..*)

Nathan (digging through the cupboard and finds the hair clippers): Oh look, Papi. Look! That's for hair.
Freddy: Oh, you want me to cut your hair?
Nathan: Uh-huh.
Freddy: You sure? You want me to cut your hair, Nathan? Like Papi does?
Nathan: Yeah. (I can tell he's nodding vigorously.) Mmhm.
Freddy: Okay, take your shirt off. {Bzzzzz} (clippers are now plugged in and ON!) Okay, hold still!

Then me (running): WAAAAIIITTTT!!! WAAAAITTT!!! WAIT FOR MEEEE!!!! You're not even taking pictures or ANYTHING!!! (We now have a few pictures and the whole thing on camera. Leave it to Mom to document every. life. event.)
My mad rush to document my first born's first haircut EVER.

Nathan (sort of) posing for the pictures.  You can tell that he can only focus on his reflection in the mirror, not the camera. Hmph.

Freddy tried to use the clippers with the longest guard on, but they're dull, and N's hair is pretty fine... so that wasn't so successful.  They pretty much just tugged on his hair. At this point, Nathan wasn't really a fan of haircuts.
So I intervened and we ended up trimming the hair at the base of his neck, just with scissors. (Nathan doesn't have a lot of hair, it's just long, and just at the nape of his neck.  So we just trimmed right across. Done.) 
Afterward, I was trying to gather up the little curls off the floor, explaining that I wanted to keep them to put in N's baby book.  The concept was beyond Freddy. Sooo you're just going to save all his hair? (Eyebrows raised.) He liked the idea better once he understood that we wouldn't do it forever, just his first haircut. (I guess that's more reasonable.) 

So, like I said, this has been a few weeks (or maybe month(s)..) so it's actually time for him to have another haircut-- he gets this like, mullet look when we comb his hair for church, and I'm just not a fan.  But then again, who can resist those cute little baby curls.. :)

*I claim the right to tell the story as I remember it, and since I'm barely blogging this, there's a good chance the details and exact wording may be off from actual events (i.e. how Freddy would tell the story).  So be it. I'm the blogger of the family, so I get to write history as I remember it.

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