Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Spring Fling!

Last Saturday (on St. Patrick's Day) we had a fun activity that was put on by our ward's Elders' Quorum.  Freddy's in the presidency, so that meant that we got to help with the planning and what not (woo hoo!). But, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out! We had a BBQ and pot luck dinner, and played softball, too (which means that we had all the equipment out, but we never started an actual game going.) 
Nathan's holding up the cup because he telling me that I need to write my name on my cup. (He's like a little police man-- always making sure that everyone is following the rules. At one family party, a while back, we asked that people write their names on their cups, and ever since he's been enforcing it!)
And even though we dragged our camera around for the whole activity, I only got three pictures. All from the same moment. Whoops.
But we had a lot of fun! (Even if we don't have pictures to prove it!) Nathan got really dirty, which means that he definitely had fun.

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