Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

A month and a half late? Not too shabby. Just wait until I post our Thanksgiving pictures from last year... maybe I'll get to that mid-spring, early summer. :)

Being that Valentine's Day was a Tuesday this year, and Freddy worked all day, and we both had tons of homework to do, and I even had a video group meeting for one of my classes at 9 that night (how romantic).. it would be safe to say that Valentine's Day was pretty low key this year. (And also, with F's birthday just days after Valentine's Day, we kind of celebrate that with more oomph than the 14th gets.

But! We did go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. :) What's better place to spend any holiday, weekend, weekday, or any time, ever? :) 

I love that restaurants give kids crayons. Straight up genius.
Happy Valentine's day to a couple of love birds! :)
I love Nathan's overalls. :) I'll be so sad when he out grows them!
Another happy Valentine's day in the books!

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