Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christmas 2011. Don't laugh that it's March.

You may say, "Tracy, you're blogging about Christmas 2011 in March 2012." I just say, "Hey, March 2012 is better than April 2012. Or December." So there. It was our first Christmas here in Arizona-- last year we had just moved in and went to California to celebrate.  But this year, we got to stay home and enjoy the holiday season all month long

Christmas tree shopping!
We found the one we want! 
Nathan watching the tree be tied to the top of the car. Pretty cool!
Trying to keep that thing standing up straight (a month long challenge...)

Putting up the Christmas lights!
Christmas Eve!

Nathan opening his Christmas Eve presents!
If we had sent out Christmas cards, this one would have been it! (Except that it was taken on Christmas Eve, so then they would have just been really, really late. Hm. Next year!)
This is actually one I took as part of my dad's Christmas present-- he asked for pictures of and drawings from Nathan-- and at the time N was pretty obsessed with this cardboard box.. :)
Christmas morning! We came downstairs before church and Nathan got to open his stocking.  I asked him who his stocking was from and he said, "Santa." I said, "Did you say thank you?" With his hands up in the air he shouts out-- "THANK YOU, SANTA!!!"
Christmas is so SO fun with little kids. :)
My Christmas banner that I made.. :)
Christmas MORNING! (After church--)    
Nathan was SO anxious to open presents-- it was so hard to smile for pictures!
Opening presents together! (We recorded almost all of it on our video camera and then once everything was open and done, the silly screen says, "Disk error." Laaaaame.)

Nathan's favorite present was his chest of superhero costumes from Daddy.  Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America-- all Nathan's favorites. (They're actually for like, oh, five or six year olds, so they're a tad big on him.) 
Opening the box of costumes-- he was THRILLED! As with every single present, he wanted to stop everything and open it.  He had to try it out right then and there!
The fact that they were a little big on him didn't stop little Nathan.  He was SO excited!


  1. Such a cute family!! You are doing better than I am on blogging. Love the super hero box, so fun! I need one for my boys!;]

  2. CUTE!!! And I love your Christmas banner Tracy!