Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arizona Science Centering.

On the 21st, Freddy's day off, I surprised him by taking the family out to the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. The best part was him guessing where we were going.  He was so sure {so many times} yet didn't guess right until we were close enough to see the signs. Ha!

I was able to get a Culture Pass from our local library, so we had two free passes, plus Nathan is still free, so we all went for free! :)

There were a lot of fun exhibits to check out-- some of our favorites are below:

Bed of nails-- I wasn't quite sleeping, like that image of the guy on the side of the bed, but it was surprising how comfortable? it was. Or more so, how uncomfortable it wasn't.

I love our family. :)
Outside at the water exhibit-- fun activity for a warm day!
Nathan and I making clouds together. :) 
This exhibit showed how water can shape the landscape, using sand in a trough-like thing and a  running faucet at one end.  Nathan liked it, but soon after was concerned because he was getting his hands all dirty. Funny kid.
Playing with tangrams. N loved them. He would have been content staying at this one table the entire. time. 
Playing tug of war. We totally won (once Freddy let go to come take a picture of us-- irrelevant). 
This was the. best. I loved this silhouette thing! Freddy was better at it than me because Nathan's heavier than I remember. 

We had fun! It was a pretty neat place to go! We're hoping to get the Culture Pass to the Children's Museum next! (Good luck to us--)

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