Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On Saturday, we went to the Railroad Park in Scottsdale, with our friends, the Musselmans. Their youngest son, Andrew (two weeks older than Nathan), is pretty much Nathan's best friend.  Nathan includes him in our prayers at bedtime ("Please bless that we go to Andrew's house tomorrow,") and every time he sees him he says his name in this reminiscent voice like they haven't seen each other in five years ("Aaaaannnnndrrrewwwwww!!!!"). So yeah, it didn't really matter where we were going, as long as Andrew would be there, Nathan was all in. 

We had never heard of this place before, and it was the best. ever. It made the list of places-we'll-take-people-when-they-come-visit (so, pay attention). The railroad park has several fun things, all of which we couldn't document because we had our camera, but it was in the car, since it has a habit of not working when the batteries are already dead. So luckily, Andrew's mom, Elizabeth snapped a few pictures on her phone for us. 

There's a museum about trains and railroads, complete with a tour on the Roald Amundsen Pullman Car, which was pretty much like the Air Force One of trains, used by every president from Herbert Hoover through Dwight Eisenhower.  There's also a carousel (loved it!), a smaller train that goes through an arboretum, a electric train set exhibit (it was huuuuge!), two park play areas (that were awesome), and of course, all the trees and grass of any beautiful park.  It was perfect! And the best part was that we went on the last nice day before summer.  It was like, mid-eighties and such nice weather!  Pretty much it was the best day ever. So here's some of the pictures for you to enjoy! :)

This is us, riding the train that took us around the park (and through a tunnel too-- N's favorite part). 
Nathan and Andrew on the train together
Holding hands while walking through the electric train exhibit. 
Andrew really likes Nathan, and Nathan really likes Andrew.
We had tons of fun-- grabbed some lunch there, from the remodeled Southern Pacific Railroad Caboose, and ate while the kids played on the western themed play town area thing.  And we ended the day with getting ice cream from the Hartley's General Store. Delicious!

So now, who's coming with us next?! :)

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